EP17 | Ty Clark: Jump Shot To Beauty


Ty Clark has been creating in multiple genres since he was 4 years old. Ty grew up in a family imbued by culture. His uncle was Conway “Jiggs” Pierson, the world renowned Sculptor and Raku artist, who impacted his drive and passion for the arts at an early age. He has been exhibiting nationally for over 15 years and in 2010 was named one of America’s Brightest Young Influencers by Catalyst. 

His work is a representation of his memories, thoughts, prayers and dreams that he has compiled on his journeys, through his friends stories and his own writings. Ty is a student of art history, music, literature and film. His passion for the history of cultural movements drives his love to create and share on canvas, written and spoken word, through a lens and on screen. Over the years Ty has mentored a large number of artists and entrepreneurs, volunteered within the arts and local/international community programs, and is committed to sharing his experience, knowledge and gifts with others.


Show Notes:

Find Ty’s work and info at TyNathanClark.com

Find Ty on the socials: @TyNathanClark

Created and Produced by Brett & Emily Mills

Hosted by Brett & Emily Mills

Edited by Brett Mills

Photos by Lucy Mills

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