EP14 | Angela Beeler & Catherine Ballas: Behind the Curtain of REFIT


We believe that the heart is more than a muscle. That a person is more than a body. That relationships are as important as results. We believe fitness isn’t just for the fit...it’s for the willing.

Angela is an Enneagram 8 who loves good food, chunky babies and great fitness...in that order. With over 8 years of professional experience in the fitness industry, Angela is passionate about seeing people live their best lives as the best version of themselves. Angela enjoys long walks in the park, a good glass of prosecco and leaving voice memos at all hours of the day. Her REFIT contributions include strategic vision/planning, instructor training and development, product creation, and marketing. She is also a self-professed hotel snob due to her love of fluffy bathrobes and fancy toiletries.

You may recognize Catherine from Season 5 Episode 15 of HGTV's Fixer Upper, but her real passion is living life as her alter ego, “DJ CAPPS.” Catherine desires to inspire people to live to their fullest potential, and she occasionally attempts this by impersonating Michael Jackson. Catherine holds a degree in Film & Digital Media and also holds an extensive library of 90’s rap lyrics in her head. Her REFIT contributions include strategic vision, cultural development, business partnerships, product development, and all the things. Catherine is an Enneagram 1, loves food, adventure, good conversation, and hilarious people.


Created and Produced by Brett & Emily Mills

Hosted by Brett & Emily Mills

Edited by Brett Mills

Photos by Jersey Schmidt