EP9 | Sex Work & Parenting Part 2

Brett & Emily talk about parenting while working with those in the sex industry. They cover topics including:

  • How did you tell your kids about what you do?

  • What they learned about parenting from those in the industry

  • Open communication about porn

Show Notes:

  • Article Emily references on technology and the poor. Click Here.

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EP8 | Sex Work & Parenting Part 1

Brett & Emily talk about parenting while working with those in the sex industry. They cover topics including:

  • How did you tell your kids about what you do?

  • What they learned about parenting from those in the industry

  • Open communication about porn

Show Notes:

  • Article Emily references on technology and the poor. Click Here.

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EP7 | Propaganda: You Go Where Rap Is

A day after his performance at SXSW in Austin, TX, Prop visits with Brett & Emily about faith, music, and coming to Waco.

Show Notes

About Propaganda


Propaganda’s music is about both divergence and connection. The rapper, raised and bred in Los Angeles, sees the intersection of all things and celebrates it in each song. His music is like the man himself, the result of many elements coming together. 

Propaganda grew up in a working class black family in a mostly Latino neighborhood of LA. His dad brought home a new record every week and soul music and hip-hop blared through the house as Latin-inspired tunes blared outside. There was a sense of multiculturalism from the very beginning and Prop saw how one person’s problem could very similar to that of another person, no matter their surface differences. His dad was a Black Panther, which also inspired the rapper’s worldview. “I saw this black brilliance and innovation of people of color as I was growing up,” he notes. “It was so much more intriguing than slanging on the corner. I fell in love with hip-hop really young. For me, that was the origin of wanting to create music.”

He wasn’t sure music could be a career, though, so Prop went to college and graduated with degrees in illustration and intercultural studies. He spent six years teaching high school and had a hand in founding two charter schools in LA, one of which had a focus on the arts. Music lingered, despite any other successes, and Propaganda joined up with hip-hop collective the Tunnel Rats. By 2007, he quit teaching to pursue music full-time and began touring as a solo artist. He joined the Humble Beast family and unveiled a series of four albums that put his music on the map. Propaganda’s 2014 album, Crimson Cord, was released for free, but still managed to top several Billboard Charts. He’s toured with krs-one, Murs, De La Soul and Lecrae, and played Warped Tour, Rock The Bells and Smokeout Festival. And now Propaganda is ready to take his songs to the next level with Crooked, his fifth solo album. 

Crooked is the result of two years worth of writing and recording, much of which was done in Portland. Unlike on previous albums, Prop wrote and rewrote and then rewrote again. He focused on each track to ensure that the messages were conveyed in the most effective and compelling way possible, and enlisted the help of the Humble Beast crew, as well as Copeland’s Aaron Marsh, during the recording. “It took a long time,” Propaganda admits. “But this is probably the best record I’ve made because I had so long to do it.”

The album draws its name from the idea that we’re all working towards perfection in an imperfect way. It’s about the idea of a crooked individual who has crooked relationship inside of a crooked system set up by crooked people for crooked gain, where everyone longing for a day when the crooked is made straight. It’s only in his faith and belief in an eventual day of reckoning that the individual finds solace. That theme is explored in the songs, which also grapple with Standing Rock, white supremacy, the patriarchy and self-hate within the black community. It all ties together in the subject of intersectionality, a concept used to describe the ways that oppressive systems are all connected and cannot be dealt with individuality. Prop was inspired by watching his wife, a first generation Mexican woman, face misogyny and sexism. He saw parallels to his own struggles as a black man and wanted to discuss that in his music. 

“This year I’ve been interested in interlocking systems of injustice,” Propaganda says. “That’s where my head has been. I’ve watched my wife run so hard into patriarchal systems and seen the misogyny she’s dealt with. It’s made me realize how overlapping our issues are. In my life I watch all these overlaps and I wanted to step into that space talk about how we’re all connected. And I know I’m indicted in all these structures I’m trying to take down. I talk about patriarchy and misogyny, but I know I still benefit from being a guy. I need to own that. On this album I’m exploring a lot of ideas, including my relationship to my wife and two kids and how to love them better.”

For Propaganda, art is the essence of everything. It represents the mouth of the river from which all of human culture flows, and it’s important to him to address it at its source. Crooked takes on a lot of big ideas and deals with issues that have no easy solution. But it asks questions and seeks a response from its listener, encouraging a dialogue that hopefully will incite tangible change. 

“I believe in art for art’s sake,” Prop says. “I think art is what makes us human. I believe art actually shapes and gives commentary to the human experience. That belief has never changed for me. But my music has evolved. I see music as my native tongue, but I continue to ask myself how I should convey my ideas best with art. How do I get to the top of culture and shape it there?”

Propaganda’s ideas stem from where he sits at the intersection. He sees how cultures cross and inspire one another, and he knows that we are all connected. He’s worked with church leaders to discuss race relations in America, spoken out in meetings about global hunger and talked to politicians about police reform. He’s a degree or two of separation away from the who’s who of the LA hip-hop scene and he knows how all those career paths cross and diverge. For Prop, music is way to create conversations about bigger things that impact us on a daily basis and to see how faith can help guide us along the way. Crooked is the spark for a much larger fire. 

“It’s hip-hop, but it’s bigger than hip-hop,” the rapper says. “Everything I’ve done and everything I’ve experienced shows up in my music. It’s why my music takes the shape that it takes and why it is relatable to a variety of people.”

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EP5 | Harmony Grillo: Healthy Survivor Leadership

Victim of exploitation turned UCLA honor student, Harmony’s goal is to help women and girls entrenched in sexual exploitation find freedom.

As a survivor, Harmony is passionate about assisting women in their journeys of healing and transformation. In 2003, she founded Treasures, a faith-based outreach and support group to women in the sex industry and victims of sex trafficking.

Armed with personal experience, a Master’s Degree in Social Work and evidence-based theories, Harmony sheds light on the impact of a pornified culture and the lives of women trapped within it. Her memoir, Scars and Stilettos details her harrowing account of moving from victim to survivor to liberator.

Harmony founded Treasures—a unique, faith-based outreach and support group for women in the sex industry.


Harmony Grillo: @harmonygrillo

Treasures: @treasuresla

Jesus Said Love: @JesusSaidLove

Emily Mills: @lovewaco

Brett Mills: @bamills


Created and Produced by: Brett Mills and Emily Mills for Jesus Said Love

Hosted by: Brett & Emily Mills

Edited by: Brett Mills

Intro Music: “Rise”

Outro Music: “God Is Light”

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EP3 | Summer Shine: Drugs & Sex. Jesus & Juice.

Summer Shine, owner of Luna Juice Bar and founder of Sunshine Recovery Home in Waco sits down for a candid interview on life, addiction, recovery and restoration.


Perpetual Help Home  is a Christian based restorative justice organization assisting women in breaking the cycle of incarceration and homelessness through making life changes, regardless of race, color, or creed.

Sunshine Recovery House is a long-term housing for women in the early stages of recovery from addiction

Luna Juice Bar was founded by Summer Shine, and it was the first micro-loan that Lovely Enterprises funded. Summer’s business' mission to "Help People. Get Healthy."

Song: Worth The Fight is a song written by Brett and Emily Mills.

Find Summer on Instagram @lunajuicebar and @sunshinerecoveryhouse!

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EP2 | Brett & Emily: Who? What? Why?

Show Notes:

Who are we? What do we do? Why are we Here?

Treasures is a unique, faith-based outreach and support group for women in the sex industry. The mission is to reach, restore, and equip women in the sex industry and victims of sex trafficking to live healthy, flourishing lives, and train others to do the same across the globe.

Access is a holistic training program aimed at gaining access to power, influence and opportunity for individuals exiting the commercial sex industry. 

Lovely Enterprises is the social enterprise of Jesus Said Love aimed at reducing recidivism into the sex trade through sustainable products, female empowerment programs, and micro-loans to survivors. 

Heart of Texas Human Trafficking Coalition is a multi-disciplinary, collaborative effort to combat human trafficking in the Heart of Texas region. 

Stop Demand School is an 8 hour intervention and diversion class for those individuals who have been arrested for prostitution. Upon completion of the course, participants receive a certificate of completion to submit to the their attorney or the court. 



Insta: @lovewaco @bamills @jesussaidlove @lovelyenterprises

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EP1 | Brett & Emily: The Beginning

Hi, we're Brett and Emily. In 2004 we started an organization to reach those impacted by the commercial sex industry called Jesus Said Love. In this episode, we're talking about where it all began.

Show Notes;

Knowing You is a worship song by Passion.

Refiner’s Fire is a worship song by Brian Doerksen and TWP Band.

Enneagram Institute was formed to further research and development of the Enneagram, one of the most powerful and insightful tools for understanding ourselves and others.   At its core, the Enneagram helps us to see ourselves at a deeper, more objective level and can be of invaluable assistance on our path to self-knowledge.

Sacred Enneagram is a book written by Chris Heuertz that allows individuals to find themselves in the 9-type profiles of the enneagram. He leads enneagram workshops all over the world. 

Suzanne Stabile is an enneagram master teacher and author, who had conducted over 500 workshops in the last 25 years.

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