Our Vision

Awaken Hope. Empower Change.


Never before has sex for sale been more accessible to you, never before in history have there been more human trafficking victims, never before have we seen millions rally against sexual violence. 

The U.S. is the #1 international exporter of pornography, an industry filled with violence against women. YOU know this. YOU have accepted this as part of the American fabric. YOU see the billboards, the commercials, the over sexualized media and music we ingest.  Our country boasts more strip clubs than any other country in the world, making up a large portion of the global commercial sex industry. And regardless of our preconceived notions of women in the commercial sex industry, all of us would agree children are precious...and yet, the fact remains that the average age of entry  into the commercial sex industry is 13. All of us begin the same way, as innocent children.

Roughly 300,000 children are trafficked within our the United States every year. 1 in 5 females in the U.S. are sexually exploited before they reach adulthood. This abuse grooms young women to be exploited through the commercial sex industry.  


Emily Mills
Founder and Chief Ideation Officer