Private School Mixer Ticket

Private School Mixer Ticket


Back to school is underway and private schools make up a large part of our Waco Community. Private school parents are giving constantly, all hands are on deck to make these schools thrive. Your schools also give back to Jesus Said Love and Lovely through work projects and volunteer opportunities. We are grateful for all you do!

Private school parents see each other frequently at sporting events, UIL competitions, and other functions that involve the private school sector. Why not get to know the parents whose faces you see weekly?

Or, perhaps we can just treat you to a coffee, mimosa by Luna Juice Bar, or chicken and waffles by Waffle Chic for making it through summer?

Either way, you’re Lovely! It would be a treat to host you in our space that’s making a difference in our town, just like you.

- Emily Mills , Live Oak Parent & Founder Jesus Said Love/Lovely Enterprises

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