A brotherhood of men advocating for women.



Courage to Look Inward

To stand with women, we must be willing to examine our own attitudes, biases and behaviors regarding women, approach to sex and masculinity.


Stand With Survivors

Offer support by listening to survivor stories of the commercial sex industry and sexual abuse—not minimizing or criticizing them.


Refuse Sexists Behavior

Help to create a climate in our male peer culture that discourages sexist attitudes and behaviors. Refuse to be a bystander.


Contribute Financial Resources

Help fund programs and organizations, providing resources for those working to impact victims of abuse and the commercial sex industry.



Man In The Mirror Collective


At Wild Torch 2018, I challenged men to rise up in standing with women and the issues they face. That was April. Fast forward to September…


I sat around the big table in the Great Room at 1500 Columbus with 8 future Access students. It was our first chance to meet—an orientation of sorts. There came a point in our visit when the atmosphere shifted. There was a bit of silence. And then she spoke up. "I don't trust men. I never have and never will. All they've ever done is hurt me. Abuse me. Lie to me.” She went on to say, “but I can honestly say you’re (Brett) the first man I think I trust. There’s something about you that’s different.”

Tears. From everyone.

I swallowed, feeling the delicacy of the moment and looked around the table. I’m sorry for the way men have treated each of you. You are worth infinitely more than the words and actions that have been done to you at the hands of men. I promise this will be a safe place for you.”

I went home that night ruined. I kept thinking about her words “you’re the first man I think I trust…”.

It became clear to me that we needed to create a space for men to learn about issues affecting women today. A brotherhood of sorts who is willing to take back the language of the locker room and golf course. A band of brothers who are willing to look at these issues affecting women and realize they are, in fact, men’s issues.

Man In the Mirror Collective is that space where, together, we will put our minds, hearts and pocketbooks together and make a difference in the current culture of domestic and gender violence. Men doing something in the form of educating and organizing other men in numbers great enough to prompt a real cultural shift.

Esta Soler says, “In the end, we cannot change society unless we put more men at the table, amplify men’s voices in the debate, enlist men to help change social norms on the issue and convince men to teach their children that violence against women is always wrong.”

We must change the way we talk about women and the issues they face including: sexism, sexual assault and misogyny. It’s not about helping the poor and weak woman. It’s about doing what any decent man would do - stand WITH women.

Will you join me in making a change? Let’s start with the man in the mirror.

Brett Mills
CEO, Jesus Said Love

Men with the best intentions sometimes say things and act out in sexist and abusive ways, either because they do not know any better or because they are conditioned to mindlessly parrot what they have learned from peers or pop culture.
— Jackson Kaz, The Macho Paradox
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50 men contributing $1000 each.

Money raised will fund:


1) Access Scholarships

ACCESS is an 8 week holistic program for women transitioning out of the commercial sex industry. It costs $5300 per student. A third of your MITMC gift will go to support ACCESS students.

2) Microloans through Lovely

Lovely Enterprises is the social enterprise of Jesus Said Love. Once ACCESS Students have graduated, they can apply for ACCESS 2, an entrepreneurial program for those wanting to start a business. ACCESS 2 students will work on creating a business plan and marketing plan. When ready, the student can pitch her business plan to our Dream Team who will determine a microloan opportunity up to $5k to help launch her business. A third of your MITMC gift will go to help launch future businesses.

3) Partner Org Grants

Our motto is “Collaboration over competition”. Once a quarter, the entire collective will decide on an organization to send a financial grant to. A third of your MITMC gift will be used for partner grants.