Dry Storage: Fees are charged on a monthly basis payable in advance.  All items must be clearly identified and labeled with the User’s name.  Opened food items must be stored tightly covered in LABELED containers.   All items must be on pallets or otherwise off the ground a least 12 inches.  No cardboard boxes are allowed in dry storage as they are breeding grounds for roaches except as the original boxes for jars and bottles.  Plastic milk crates or covered plastic tubs are good to store utensils and other items. The areas around stored items must be kept scrupulously clean, swept and mopped at least once a week.

Cooler Storage: All items must be clearly identified, labeled, and dated with the User’s name. Food items must be stored tightly covered. Remember that you are paying for cooler storage by the shelf.  It is to your advantage to arrange your items in the most space efficient way, keeping in mind sanitation guidelines that dictate raw meats on bottom shelves.  You are also reminded that you must clean and sanitize your storage area at least once a week.  You should mop your area immediately if there are any spills.

Garbage Disposal: Use the Facility dumpster.  Collapse cardboard boxes.  If you don’t know where it is, please ask.

Kitchen Use: Users must request use of a food processing area at least one week in advance. If space is available, requests will be accepted up to 48 hours in advance. Users must call or email the Facility, who will notify the User if the requested facility and equipment is available.

Shared Use Facility: Please remember that this is a shared-use facility. Empty trash containers in the facility into the dumpster and leave trash can clean.  Please help take care of our Facility by sweeping the floor, wiping out the sinks or anything else that you see needs attention. This space is for your convenience.

Cancellations: Cancellations of kitchen use must be received as soon as possible but NO LATER than 24 hours in advance.  Repeated cancellations may result in the User being denied use of the facility.

No Shows: If no cancellation notice is received 24 hours in advance of scheduled kitchen time, and another User has been denied access due to that prior reservation, then the “no-show” User will be charged a $50 fee for the no-show.

Sign-In Sheets: All Users are required to sign in when they arrive at the facility. All Users must complete a facility checklist to note any areas of the kitchen that need attention.  Users sign out when they are finished cleaning the facility.  Failure to accurately sign in and out may result in the User being denied use of the facility.

Cleaning time: Cleaning time at the end of each User’s operation is essential to insure thorough cleaning and sanitation.  Users who are producing food may go off the clock after their production is complete and all equipment is turned off in order to clean the area.  Please make sure to allow ample time for thorough cleaning.

Facility Failure:  In the event of equipment failure or other facility issues that compromise production, no charge will be made for lost hours.  Users MUST fill out a Facility Incident Report within 24 hours of the occurrence to be eligible for a credit.

Eligible User: Only those Users and their employees that are registered and authorized by the Kitchen Manager are allowed to be in the production areas.  Each employee/helper must have been trained and received a copy of these guidelines.

No Children Under 13 are allowed in the kitchen area when food processing is taking place. No unsupervised children are allowed in the facility at any time. No Live Animals are allowed inside the kitchen at any time. No Smoking on campus of 1500 Columbus. Facility is a tobacco-free facility.

No eating, or drinking from open containers is allowed in the food production areas. Only drinks in covered containers are allowed in the food production areas and must be kept on lower shelves, below any food items.

Small wares: Users will provide their own towels, cooking items, pans, small wares and other special items necessary to their specific production needs. Do not leave your personal small wares in the kitchen. Do not leave cleaning rags behind.

Facility Property:  No equipment or other items belonging to the Facility is ever allowed to leave the premises.