How can I bring JSL to my city?

Send us an email to and tell us what you’re thinking. You should know, for now, our focus is on Texas. There are many other great ministries reaching the commercial sex industry all over the country. We'd be happy to provide you with a list for your particular state. 

Can I get the "Stripper shirt"?

When we first began outreach, our T-shirts read "Jesus Loves Strippers". In October 2016, we launched a campaign called "Share the Love" where we made the decision to discontinue the shirts as well as the actual shirt they were printed on. We have moved to move away from a label and toward love through language as well as through being fair trade, ethically sourced, and socially responsible. 

My church is interested in partnering with you. However, it appears that a very small group of our congregation can participate. Is this true?

We have worked hard to build a partnership model that allows people of all ages to participate. We believe the ministry of Jesus Said Love can be experienced and expressed with both women and men, children to seniors. 

Do you take men into the clubs with you?

We do not. However, men do participate in club outreaches by serving on our Security Team. They drive the Club Team to the clubs, help carry food and gifts to the door, and build relationships with parking lot attendants, bouncers, and managers. In the unlikely event of an emergency, these men would ensure the safety and security of our Club Team women. 

How can I get on the Club Team?

Club Team membership is a process.  There are many factors we consider.  We like every person to start out at some level of service in JSL before entering the clubs.  If you are interested, please visit the VOLUNTEER section.

Do you guys seek media attention?

No. While there have been media pieces focused on our work, we have never solicited those opportunities. Media requests are only accepted after serious consideration. We are for raising awareness, but against exploitation. At times, there can be a thin balance between the two. 

What’s your success rate?

Such an interesting question.  For us, success looks like relationships.  Success is having earned trust by club managers.  Success, for us, is an on-going...ever-changing idea.  Every month we get the privilege to go back...that’s success.

Why are your bags so nice? Don’t strippers make more money than most?

It’s a complete myth to assume that most club employees make more money than the average employee.  While some might, most of the women we work with are on some form of government assistance. In one individual, we can encounter all factors of the poverty cycle.   If Jesus can give His life, then we should be able to give a nice bag.  He gave His BEST.  Therefore, we give our BEST.

Why no hotel samples?

They’re too easy and very impersonal.  Our desire is to bring the VERY BEST possible. In our opinion, hotel samples don’t demonstrate our best.  Many of the women we serve live in hotels. LOVE is practically demonstrated in sacrifice.  

Do you have a Privacy Policy?

You bet. Read it here. 


How can I donate to Jesus Said Love?

You can make an online donation here. If you prefer other methods, you can send a check to: Jesus Said Love PO Box 523 Waco, TX 76703.

How do I donate monthly?

Sign up quickly and safely here.

Are there credit card fees associated with my online donations?

Yes there are which means a small portion of your donation goes to fees. When you donate $50, we actually receive $47.10. There is a feature on our donation pages that will allow you to cover the credit card fees if you want to ensure we receive 100% of your intended gift. 

Are you a 501(C)3 Nonprofit?

Yes. Jesus Said Love is an outreach program under it's parent ministry, Bartimaeus Ministries, Inc. EIN 74-2977422. We are a recognized 501(C)3 nonprofit organization by the IRS.

Are product donations tax-deductible?

Sure they are. Upon request, when you make in-kind donations, we will give you a receipt. It is your responsibility to place and declare the value on your tax return. The receipt simply states that we "received" your in-kind donation. And we're super grateful for in-kind donations!

How do you approach "program" versus "overhead" expenses?

Overhead is a necessary and normal component to every business, charitable organizations included. For us, our approach to overhead expenses is to ensure they maintain a positive return on investment and enhance the effectiveness of our programs. We will spend what it takes to accomplish our mission. If you're interested, there is an interesting read on the myth of low overhead produced by Better Business Bureau, Guidestar and Charity Navigator. Read it here.

What’s with the winged lightbulb?

We call it the LOVELight. And it’s representative of our supporters.  We don’t look at our supporters simply as funders.  We view them as carriers of the LIGHT of Jesus.  And so anytime you see the LOVELight, you’ll know it represents our generous and faithful supporters.