We are called to something much greater than ourselves. Loving God, loving others, worship, and justice motivate everything we do. In this calling, we are compelled with a ferocious resolve to do what must and stop what must not be done.


Created in God’s very image, people bear the glory of God and make up the Body of Christ. Every donor, team member, volunteer, and client deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. We bear each others burdens, and we are a family. We aim to hear each unique voice.  Following the example of Jesus, we strive to love others through an authentic, relational approach.


Every action we execute, no matter how simple or expansive, should be completed with outstanding quality. Everything we do should be done “as unto the Lord," who is worthy of our best. While excellence does not equal perfection, every work we embark upon, both conceptual and tangible, is met with intentional effort.


We operate using the following financial principles:

  1. Limited to no debt

  2. Have a Savings

  3. Operate on a Budget

  4. Give Generously

  5. Spend Less Than We Take In

  6. Financial Transparency


Each piece of a system reinforces the others to form an integrated whole that is much more powerful than the sum of individual parts. Maximum results are achieved via deep consistency through multiple generations. We are resolved to be prayerful and measured, not reactionary. Deep roots yield good fruit.