April City Updates



  • 50 Makeup Sets gifted

April Outreach started off a bit shaky. As a team, we were not allowed entrance into one of the clubs we normally visit. At first I was saddened that we could not visit the girls. However my heart did change when one of my team members was praying and simply stated “we know that we are not supposed to be in that club for a reason Lord”. This perspective took me back a little. To be completely honest it took me back a lot. As a team we had prepared our hearts all week in prayer asking God for His provision and PROTECTION. While I have no idea what he was protecting us from I find comfort in knowing He answered our prayers. Not knowing what happened that night inside the walls of this particular club haunts me, but in the same breath I thank God for His ways. Please pray that the key to the club has not been taken away, just put on a shelf until the next outreach. We have built solid relationships with these girls and I ask you to continue to pray God makes a way for this ministry. We want to cover these women and the club owners with deep love.
I would like to say thank you to our bag team as they have taken the time to make each gift we bring in beautiful. While other city teams have an established base of volunteers, we are still building our team as well as working to find JSL sponsors. The bag team has such a loving and willing spirit and we are so grateful for the smiles they put on the girls faces. It constantly reminds me that there is a place and calling for each of us in Kingdom Work. Please pray for team growth. Tyler needs volunteers for both prayer and security teams. If you know anyone that would be interested in committing to JSL, please have them email tyler@jesussaidlove.com
While we started shaky, outreach ended on a wonderful note. Our team may be small, but it is powerful from the Lord’s calling. We were happy to have a few newbies join us for the first time for a total of 6 club members. There was some nervousness but as always the dancers reacted with welcoming arms. Normally we break into two teams allowing 2-3 members per club. As a team we learned that 6 members in one club can be a little overwhelming. For some reason the dancers are now coming in later for shifts so we will work together to figure out how we can prevent this from happening again. We meet 2-3 new faces. Two of which were the club office manager and I was finally able to meet the club owner in person. After speaking with the club owner alone she hugged my neck and verbally confirmed we had a good connection. It was divine moment for myself, our team, JSL, and Jesus Christ. We were able to pray with one dancer per her request.
The girls loved their gifts and ended the night with hugs and invitations back next month. When finished we meet in a local parking lot and traded thoughts. This also reminded me how important is to use discernment with the dancers, especially when they are telling us their current situation. Each team member has a gift and they all bring something extremely important to the table. The Tyler team has a table full of women who will continue to please God with the love He first showed us.


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