February City Updates



  • 130 Boxes of Chocolates & Chocolate Covered Strawberries
  • 5 Club Team members
  • 5 Prayer Team members
  • 4 Security Team members

“Life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”. This statement rang true for our February outreach. As we headed out to the clubs with boxes of chocolates and chocolate covered strawberries we didn’t know what the night had in store for us. Being short on club team members this outreach, we decided to go to all the clubs together as one team. 

We reached our first club and were greeted with smiles and hugs. As we watched the girls enjoy receiving a box of chocolates and dive into the plates of strawberries, the conversation began to flow. As we entered our second club of the evening, we were quickly greeted by the house mom who said it was not a good night as the owner had just visited and had not been pleasant about the management of the club. After, the general manager came out and stated we would probably need to cut our visit short. One of our team members was able to pray over the house mom prior to us leaving. As we entered the dressing room of the third club, we quickly realized it was a full dressing room. Once again our conversations were flowing and the girls enjoyed the boxes of chocolates and strawberries. When we got ready to leave we had our prayer circle and it was one of the biggest circles we have had at the club! I think everybody in the dressing room joined in the circle; the prayer for that night was stability. 

Our box of chocolates for this outreach contained love, phone numbers being exchanged, laughter, stress, and prayer. It just reminds me that we may not know what our box of chocolates might hold but our Father knows. 


City Needs:

  • 2018 Sponsorships for Dallas Outreach
  • Prayer Team members




  • 24 Roses and Chocolates gifted  


This past outreach was one of my favorites! As we handed women the February gifts, we told them, “Whenever you look at these roses, let it be a reminder that you are beautiful. God made you beautiful & you are loved.” It was very-well received by all of the women (which was between 10-12 that night). One told me that she saves every JSL tag that we attach to gifts, she puts them up on a bulletin board in her apartment. I reminded her that those cards have our contact info on them & if she ever needs anything, we will be there for her. She smiled real big & then gave me a huge hug. It was a sweet moment. I’m so grateful to get to be a small part of God at work in these women’s lives!

Needs: We are looking for committed volunteers to join our prayer team. If interested, please email waco@jesussaidlove.com. 

City Needs:

  • Pray for those wanting to get out of the industry, that they will be able to confide in JSL for options.

  • Pray for doors to be opened for deepened relationship with the girls

  • Pray for the girls to feel a sense of peace and to develop trusting relationships with Club Team

  • Pray for team leaders and for prayer volunteers

  • Pray for church and community partnerships to continue to deepen and expand

  • Pray for many opportunities for the women we are working with

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