January City Update



  • 150 Bath & Body Works Lotions 
  • 9 Club Team members
  • 6 Prayer Team members
  • 4 Security Team members

“FEARLESS” our word for 2018 in Dallas! Fearless in our relationships, fearless in our boldness of speech, fearless in sharing Christ, and fearless in loving our friends in the clubs. 

As you know we have been praying for volunteers for our prayer team and they are showing up! Although they are still small in number, they are mighty in prayer. This is amazing group of volunteers that love our friends in prayer. 

As we entered the clubs in January we noticed that the number of friends we saw were small on outreach night; however, the friends that were working greeted us with hugs and laughter. We had some amazing conversations from how everyone’s holidays went to being told of plans being set in motion to leave the industry. As always in one of our clubs we had a prayer circle prior to us leaving. It’s always a blessing to our team to pray in the middle of the dressing room holding the hands of our friends and covering them and the club in prayer. Please pray that we are “fearless” this year in sharing prayer in the other clubs as well.  

City Needs:

  • 2018 Sponsorships for Dallas Outreach
  • Prayer Team members




  • 25 Bath & Body Works lotions gifted


"You know you guys really don't have to call anymore before you come," she said with a bright smile at our arrival, giving us hugs and eagerly choosing a scented lotion from the stash we brought with us. Our front desk girl then waved as we headed back toward the dressing room, and we could not help but notice how empty the club seemed. There were maybe five or six customers and when we entered the dressing room, not a single girl was there. After a moment, a couple of the girls came in behind us, probably because they recognized us as we headed backstage. There were hugs and laughter and excitement over the homemade chocolate chip cookies and scented body lotions that Jade provided for the girls. The girls confirmed, it was a slow night. One told us that many girls did not arrive until 10, as that was the latest they were allowed to "sign in". A few more girls came in and out of the dressing room as we were chatting, and most of them we recognized. Though the number of our girls were small, we had a great visit with the ones we saw. They were excited to see us, share about what has been going on in their lives, and even gave us tips on the perks of platform heels. As 10 p.m. approached, we visited the club manager briefly before leaving. He was kind as usual and expressed his appreciation of the time we spend with his girls in the club. On our way out we hugged a couple more of our girls who had been working the floor and sitting at tables with customers since there were so few. 

Perhaps there was a sparse crowd this evening, due to the date we were able to go -- not quite the end or the beginning of the month, so not quite payday for most people. The girls seemed to be spending their time one on one with customers at tables, probably in hopes of making more money this way. We also noticed that the bouncers at the club have started to dress a little nicer, in slacks and white button downs, and one even opened the door and escorted us into the club when we arrived. Regardless, we are continuously welcomed with open arms and wide smiles, by the front desk, the bouncers, the women, and the club manager. Our friends especially seem to realize we are there to spend time with them, to love on them actively. We are not there to preach, to condemn or to judge, but rather to just be. And while there is most definitely a time and a place for cold-call evangelism, what these girls need is to see the love of Jesus in tangible, happening ways not hear about it in a sermon. These girls experience the real world in ways that are gritty and intense and heartbreaking. They need to see that there is a place and a way for the love of Jesus to influence and flood their worlds, and that continues to start with relationships -- first with JSL, hopefully leading to Jesus. But however these girls choose to act and whatever they choose to do and whoever they choose to believe, the goal is to let them know they are LOVED. No. Matter. What. 

City Needs:

  • New City Team Leader for Temple/Killeen
  • Outreach sponsorship partners for 2018
  • Babysitting Team Leader and Hospitality Team Leader
  • Additional community partnerships and volunteers-- if you're interested in volunteering, go to jesussaidlove.com/volunteer and fill out a volunteer form!




  • 24 Bath & Body Works lotions gifted 


We only saw a small group of women at the club this month, and this gave opportunity for more conversations - one of the girls that we had talked with last month opened up more with us! She lives in Dallas and commutes to Waco to work. She said she makes the drive to not see people she knows in Dallas. She has a one-year-old son and is taking care of a 17-year-old boy. Two months ago the father went to jail and she does not know when he will be released. 

Please be praying for her and the struggles she faces with taking care of the one-year-old and 17-year-old. 

Needs: We are looking for committed volunteers to join our prayer team. If interested, please email waco@jesussaidlove.com. 

City Needs:

  • Pray for those wanting to get out of the industry, that they will be able to confide in JSL for options.

  • Pray for doors to be opened for deepened relationship with the girls

  • Pray for the girls to feel a sense of peace and to develop trusting relationships with Club Team

  • Pray for team leaders and for prayer volunteers

  • Pray for church and community partnerships to continue to deepen and expand

  • Pray for many opportunities for the women we are working with

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