August City Updates



  • 200 Bath and Body Works products gifted
  • 4 Dallas clubs


There is nothing like hearing the squeals and laughter of friends after not seeing each other for a month. That is exactly what occurred with the Dallas team during our August outreach. We delivered over 200 Bath and Body Works items to the Dallas clubs. 

In three of our clubs we spent quality time catching up with our old friends and meeting several new friends. One of our house moms who had taken a job at another club has returned to our club as the club she had taken the job at closed down. As we were getting ready to leave one club, several of the dancers begin to tell us that we had not asked for their prayer request or prayed over them so we couldn’t leave until that had been taken care of! What a joy that brings to our hearts when you know they are waiting for us to pray over them. 
Our club that has not allowed us to go back to the dressing rooms, once again said no, however - we are praising the small things. We haven’t had much a relationship with the girls who work up front, but this month one of them chatted with our team members and accepted one of the outreach gifts! This is huge and we’re so thankful to see where this leads. 

City Needs:

  • Pray for support for the Dallas Team
  • Continued financial support for the Dallas budget for 2017
  • Prayer team growth




  • 160 beautiful necklaces gifted
  • 10 total volunteer members


We were all excited to get back into the clubs after the summer break. Unfortunately, right before outreach the house mom at one of the clubs made us aware that one of the ladies we served lost her short battle with cancer. Here is the link to her obituary and where you can make donations to help the family.

I was grateful that the house mom thought to reach out to us - we were honored to be there, and pray alongside the ladies as they grieved the loss of their friend. What a blessing to be known as those who bring the power and peace of God's love and prayers.

The women were excited about the necklaces we brought. Some were picking out their favorite color, others found ones that matched the outfit they were wearing, and others were excited to pair it with a certain purse or clothing item they had in their closet. Many of us helped put them on and had fun discussing fashion tips of having a beautiful pop of color to adorn their necks. 

After outreach Houston watched and waited for hurricane Harvey to make landfall. We were reaching out to all of our club managers and ladies making them aware that we were here for them. Through the generosity of many we were able and continue to accomplish a lot in the clean up efforts for the vulnerable women displaced and for those that need basic things like food and a new pair of shoes.

Please pray for us as we go on our September 15th outreach. There will be many that will have been traumatized by the effects from Harvey and we want to be the light in the dark time. 

City Needs:

  • Church Partnerships (current ones as well as those God is raising up)

  • Financial support for monthly outreaches 

  • Pray for continued relationships to be built between us and the women as well as the security team and the men the reach

  • Pray for continued recovery and healing for our outreach team members

  • Pray for women and men to have a life changing encounter with the one true God

  • Pray for the time between now and August's outreach that the Holy Spirit bring JSL to the women's hearts and they reach out to us

  • Pray for Houston to rise up and come along side these women with prayers. finances and resources



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