April City Updates



  • 200 LOVE bags gifted
  • 4 clubs visited
  • 21 volunteers 


Prior to us heading out for outreach on Good Friday, our team of volunteers took time to reflect on our Lord and the sacrifice He gave so freely. We spent time in prayer and communion preparing our hearts for a night of showing His love, grace, and mercy. 

We had a great night filled with smiles, laughter, hugs, and conversation. Just a group of girlfriends sharing stories of joy, hurt, and life.  

We have been asking since January for prayers regarding not being able to personally deliver gifts to the dressing room of one of our clubs. On Good Friday evening, 6 volunteers armed with 60 LOVE bags approached the front door and were greeted by one of the managers (as we have been since January). After he asked us to leave the bags at the door, I asked if I could leave my number for the general manager to so we could talk more about the situation, and just as I did the general manager greeted us at the door! After a few minutes of discussion, he agreed to let us take the gifts back, but we would not be allowed to stay and visit. We were thrilled. The moment we entered the dressing rooms, the girls came like a flood to see us - tears, smiles, hugs.  The Lord opened the door and our prayer now is that the door remain open and that with each outreach we will be able to stay longer. 

Thank you, for praying for the Dallas Team!

City Needs:

  • Financial support for the Dallas budget for 2017
  • Church partnerships
  • Prayer for Club Team members' commitment to stay strong
  • Prayers for continued support as women continue to transition out of the industry




    • 156 LOVE bags gifted


    The words that come to my heart that best describe April's Good Friday outreach are "tragedy" and "triumph".  Tragedy struck our team when we found out that our bag team leaders mother went to be with the Lord three days before outreach. As we prayed and reached out for help to complete the bags for outreach the Lord triumphantly provided us with an amazing team/family consisting of a mother and her two teenage daughters that put all the bags together along with my mother and teenage daughter that put the JSL tags on the bags. I was praying for the Lord to make a way and He did!! 

    Our next challenge was that our Club Team was missing four volunteers. How were the five of us going to do the heavy lifting of the 100+ LOVE bags? God continued to answer prayers by providing extra help via our Security Team guys and a new Club Team member. Our new volunteer is a survivor/overcomer like myself and the Lord was using the tragedy of her past to triumphantly bring the love of Jesus to His daughters-- the very same Love that radically changed her life. The night was full of tragic stories from the women of loss, abuse, exploitation, hopelessness and the continued stories of the perpetual darkness they are encountering daily-- but in the midst of the darkness, the triumphant light of Christ's love was brought by being able to love on them, lavish them with gifts, encourage them, and pray with them. Good Friday was the day Jesus fully understood that He would do the will of His father and walk through the tragedy of the cross in order to triumphantly defeat sin and death. His love for us held Him on the cross and His love for us is able to bring life to things that were once dead.  

    A special thanks to Hope Church Houston for making the April outreach possible with their gift of financial provision.   

    I want to express my overwhelming gratitude to the mother/daughter team and my mom and daughter who helped be the hands and feet of Jesus for our women who were all blown away from the outpouring of love that were in each of the LOVE Bags. 

    I had women reach out through our website and through text message thanking us for doing what we do and for loving them so faithfully right where they are. 

    City Needs:

    • Monthly Outreach Sponsors

    • Pray for our Bag Team leader and her family as they grieve their loss

    • Pray for our women who are trapped in the cycle of darkness

    • Pray for a quick and full recovery for one of our Club Team members who is having back surgery on April 27th

    • Pray for unity in the city of Houston

    • Pray for financial provision for JSL in order to continue to do the Father’s will

    • Pray for each of our volunteers and their families to be protected, encouraged and strengthened




    • 24 LOVE Bags Gifted 


    Easter is one of the best outreaches and the girls are always a fan of the LOVE bags. The whole outreach was powerful. We had one girl reach out for assistance through JSL in regards to individual counseling as well as marriage counseling. Club Team members relayed JSL’s contact information to her and assured her we were there to provide assistance with what she needed. 

    We also received an update from another woman who was living in a hotel with her husband and two-year-old daughter. She was able to move into a home in a safe neighborhood. JSL volunteers were able to donate clothes, new beds, sheets, comforters, and pillows because their hotel room was infested with bed bugs. She was incredibly thankful and excited to see our team at outreach. 

    Our Prayer Team is also growing. Prayer was strong that night and we could feel the presence while on outreach at the club. 

    City Needs:

    • We are looking for committed volunteers to join our prayer team. If interested, please email waco@jesussaidlove.com.
    • Pray for women wanting to get out of the industry, that they will be able to confide in JSL for options.
    • Pray peace for our girls who are pregnant. Pray they will continue to confide in JSL volunteers for assistance. Pray for the little babies growing inside their mothers and for their hearts to know they SO loved by Jesus. 
    • Pray for doors to be opened for deepened relationship with the girls
    • Pray for the girls to feel a sense of peace and to develop trusting relationships with Club Team
    • Pray for team leaders and for volunteers
    • Pray for church and community partnerships to continue to deepen and expand
    • Pray for many opportunities for the women we are working with