March City Updates



  • 200 colorful gifts of nail polish 


March Outreach was filled with sweet gifts of colorful nail polish wrapped with ribbon! The nail polish is always a hit and such a great conversation starter as to which color to choose, what is your favorite color, etc...

As always we were greeted with smiles and laughter  in three of our clubs.

Once again, we were only able to leave gifts at our fourth club; however the house mom came out to receive the gifts and stated that she would relay to our friends we loved them. Please continue to pray that the management of this club will allow us to actually stay and visit with our friends even if it is for a few minutes.

We also celebrated as one of our house moms informed us she is expecting and its twins! Please be in prayer over her and her sweet blessings.

City Needs:

  • Financial support for the Dallas budget for 2017
  • Church partnerships
  • Prayer for Spanish-speaking volunteers
  • Prayer for Club Team members' commitment to stay strong
  • Prayers for continued support as women continue to transition out of the industry




  • 160 nail polishes and nail files gifted


Depth and width are the words that come to my heart when I think about our March outreach. There was a longer stretch between our outreaches since the Super Bowl came in early February, so we were all excited to reconnect with our friends this month. The depth of conversation was incredible! A women was pouring her heart out to one of our team members about recent tragic events unfolding in her life and said that in the midst of it she knows that she is called to forgive, but is struggling with how to do that. They also talked about church and she mentioned having a difficult time. Often whenever she revealed to her community where she works, they would not accept her. Right before our team member prayed over her she said, "you know why I work's because I'm broken and everyone here is broken, so I feel like I fit in." Wow. Such a profound and deep statement!

Later that evening, I was reminded of the deep heartache over two deaths that occurred at this club; one, a husband of a waitress (who we knew well), who died of cancer and the other was a driver the women had often trusted for a safe ride home, he had a massive heart attack. With each of these tragedies, we witnessed community. It was wonderful to see all the ladies rallying around their friend to help raise money to help with costs for expenses as well as helping the families. The width of love extended to the families of the ones that lost their loved ones was such a beautiful thing to witness.

At our next club, a sweet young woman told us about the horrors of the past couple of years, but in the midst of it all she said, "I feel and see God working on my behalf. Doing things that were impossible!" She was filled with hope and was grateful that God has been watching over her in her times of need.

At our last club one of the women who worked there had lost her battle with a horrible disease. With the deep loss and pain going on I saw the width and length and height of God’s presence and love through these women. They were hopeful and were coming together for the ones who lost loved ones. They were asking for prayers, they were touched by the fragility of life, and they were being held up by something and someone bigger than themselves. It was so great to see how they genuinely missed us and how happy they were to see us.

I know we are called to love on them, but they sure know how to love us.  

City Needs:

  • April Outreach : that all we're giving as gifts would be provided

  • Prayers for job interviews for the ladies transitioning out of the industry 

  • Prayers for the individuals who have lost loved ones

  • Prayers for Club Team members to continue to have life-giving conversations

  • Prayers for those who exploit the women. Pray the scales removed from their eyes and heart.

  • Prayer for the Prayer Team, Security Team, Bag Team, and Love Team

  • Prayer for a revival in the hearts of the women. May they encounter the depth, width and height of God’s love for them.

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