February City Updates



  • 200 Psalm 46:5 Prints 
  • 200 Handmade chocolate covered strawberries
  • 19 Volunteers


Love”,  our February outreach was filled with it.

The enemy was hitting our team hard this month, as many of our volunteers were unable to make it due to illness, trips, and unexpected events. However, we headed out to the clubs with 12 women and 7 Security Team volunteers to drive us.

As we entered the clubs we were greeted with smiles, hugs, and laughter. We enjoyed hearing about an upcoming anniversary/birthday trip from one of our house moms. At another club we were able to meet a new house mom and she stated she felt called to “love” these girls, and she was thankful to do it as a house mom.

This month we were able to deliver our gifts to the dressing room of our fourth club, but we were only allowed to stay a few minutes. This is always very discouraging to our team, but we’re thankful that we have been able to leave the gifts as well as see the girls for a brief moment the last two months.

Although it seemed the enemy was on attack with the outreach, God is always in total control of these nights, and we were able to get the contact information of the owner of the fourth club. Please continue to pray that he will be open to meeting with us to discuss the issue of being able to stay longer than we have been.

Once again, as He was able to use us as His hands and feet as new relationships began and old relationships grew.

City Needs:

  • Financial support for the Dallas budget for 2017
  • Church partnerships
  • Prayer for Club Team members' commitment to stay strong
  • Prayer for our Prayer and Security Teams
  • Prayers for continued support as women continue to transition out of the industry




  • 35 Psalm 46:5 Prints gifted 


When we went into the club this month, things were a little different. Sometimes we forget that we're going into a place bathed in darkness. We have the mindset that we're simply going to visit our friends, so of course we’re surprised when things don't go as smoothly as we had imagined.

This month felt like we were relearning certain things. As soon as we got to the dressing room, we all felt something in the air - it was as if something negative had happened and lingered in the air right before we walked in. The thing is, sometimes the dressing room can be a tough place. Usually everyone is getting ready for a tiring, hard night of work. Our presence can sometimes be a nice distraction, but it doesn't mean the women in that room are free from doing what they have to do that night to pay their bills, put food on the table for their kids, pay for cell phones and child care and places to live. While we were given a lot of hugs this night, there was definitely a lack in actual smiles. It left us feeling heavy for these ladies. When we returned to our prayer team we took some time to pray over the ladies all together.

We had this beautiful, truthful moment where we had to recognize we weren't enough that night, and we aren't ever enough. God stands in places we can't - and it's right to depend on Him when we aren't able.

In Killeen/Temple, we're adding people to our club team, to our prayer team, and our volunteer list is growing - but we're still down a City Team Leader. Every month we feel this need more and more, as people come to volunteer and we have no one to organize them! This is a huge need for us right now. Pray about it and talk about Jesus Said Love to people, we believe the Holy Spirit will speak when He speaks!

City Needs:

  • New City Team Leader for Temple/Killeen
  • Outreach sponsorship partners for 2017
  • Babysitting Team Leader and Hospitality Team Leader
  • Additional community partnerships and volunteers-- if you're interested in volunteering, go to jesussaidlove.com/volunteer and fill out a volunteer form!




  • 60 Psalm 46:5 cards gifted
  • Met so many new friends!


February, the month of LOVE! It was very slow in the clubs this evening. The first two clubs only had a handful of girls, but we were able to have great conversations with girls we had never met. Each month it becomes more evident, so many women are so tired of this industry; the exhaustion seeps in from day in and day out of people taking advantage of them, they are unable to trust even the ones closest to them. We encourage them, and listen, and love, and leave, desperately praying they meet sweet Jesus in the loneliness.

At the last club, we met one girl who had never met us before, but had heard so much about us. “I am so tired of this,” she said. “I just want to do something else, but I don't even know where to start.” This. This is why aftercare is such a big deal for us. If we can't help them with the next step, are we really helping?

I put her number in my phone and text her explaining we would LOVE to help her! As I turned to walk away she said “Thank you so much for this card. It's just what I needed.” I am praying she responds!

City Needs:

  • Team members for all teams! If you are interested email michelle@jesussaidlove.com
  • We are in need of monthly sponsorships
  • Prayer team is specifically in great need!
  • Prayers for continual God encounters for the women
  • Prayers for relationships to continue to flourish at the clubs
  • Prayers for our current team members and their families




  • 204 Lovely Mr. Postman Earrings gifted


Houston was packed with hundreds of thousands of people during the days leading up to and after the Super Bowl. This brought in many new faces, new vibes, new conversations, and a new outlook of the industry in each club. There were women here from as far away as Hawaii. With at least double the amount of women working at each club, I am so thankful we increased the amount of gifts to bring! Our team was discouraged at points when some of the girls there rejected the gifts we brought, but we were glad to have brought them regardless. The atmosphere was definitely different in the sense that the women seemed focused with little interest in conversation. The club itself had a different atmosphere with an increase in security guards, “pay to park”, added entry fees and other costs; the house moms and dad at each club shared how exhausted they were by the extra business.

Although there were a few curveballs thrown our way, our team was still able to have meaningful conversations with some of the women and the majority of them were thankful for the earrings. I loved seeing some of the women putting them on as soon as they got a pair. One girl asked if I would put them on for her! This same girl proceeded to tell us that she stood up for us after January's outreach when another girl complained about us pushing a religious agenda. "That's not their agenda,” she explained. “They come in here to show us that they care and love us and that God loves all of us. We should be grateful that they faithfully come to see us and bring us wonderful gifts when they don't have to." She ended the conversation by saying she hasn't seen that girl since then.

Overall we were met with lots smiles and hugs at each club reminding us that despite the overwhelming darkness, the light is so much brighter and powerful!

City Needs:

  • Church Partnerships (current ones as well as those God is raising up)

  • Financial support for monthly outreaches 

  • Need for an individual gifted in worship to join our Prayer Team 

  • Prayers for Club Team members to be lifted and encouraged to persevere 

  • Prayer for all the women we encounter whether for a moment or a season that they would remember the love of Jesus

  • Prayer for the security and prayer teams

  • Prayer for the awareness of JSL's presence in Houston to grow and stretch across the city




  • 24 roses gifted
  • 24 Psalm 46:5 Prints gifted 


This month we attended only one club, but still had great conversation with the girls there. One of the girls confided in our team that she is wanting to move and will need furniture donations. An outreach team member is in contact with her and will be providing the team with her needs as she receives updates.

We are hopeful to connect again with the same girls on our next outreach.

We are also beginning to grow and develop Prayer Team for Waco. This month we had three ladies attend and pray over outreach before we left. Beginning in March, we will be adding a Prayer Team Leader and another prayer team volunteer.

Needs: We are looking for committed volunteers to join our prayer team. If interested, please email waco@jesussaidlove.com.

City Needs:

  • Church and community partnerships to continue and expand

  • Pray for doors to be opened for deepened relationship with the girls

  • Pray for the girls to feel a sense of peace and to develop trusting relationships with Club Team

  • Pray for current team leaders and volunteers

  • Pray for many opportunities for the women we are working with

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