November City Updates



  • 247 homemade pies gifted!!
  • 7 Club Team members
  • 3 Security Team members
  • 3 Prayer Team members 


November Outreach has become known as “PIE MONTH” and I truly wish everyone could see the faces light up when our Club Team begins carrying in stacks of pie boxes. Imagine baking 247 pies! Well, that’s exactly what happened in Dallas. The Mom Connect Groups at Chase Oaks has provided homemade pies for 3 years now! This year they answered the call with 236 pies and then one of our Club Teams provided the other 11! Many thanks to these volunteers who baked with so much love!!

As we entered the clubs the pies were quickly sought after and some were eaten right away. Others were carried and placed somewhere safe to take home to family. We had an amazing outreach filled with thanksgiving for the volunteers who made the pies, the volunteers who prayed, the volunteers who went to the clubs, and for our sweet friends in the club. Conversation is always plentiful during “Pie Month”, from discussing what flavor of pie everyone likes to what their plans are for Thanksgiving.

It amazes me every year when I hear someone say “look how beautiful” and “they made these just for us, they don’t even know us”! Pie is just pie right? No, pie is not just pie - in this case, pie is LOVE.

City Needs:

  • Prayer for 2018 Sponsorships for Dallas Outreach




  • 40+ homemade pies gifted


We took just shy of 50 PIES to our girls this month. Our Belton/Temple/Killeen communities really pulled together to help provide a sweet Thanksgiving Holiday for our friends at the club, and though we did not have close to 50 girls in the dressing room on outreach night, it meant they each got to take two or three pies home. We laughed as some even started to eat their pies right there in the dressing room, giving their compliments to the chefs as they bit into soft, homemade slices of apple, pecan, chocolate chip and more. The atmosphere always seems to soften just a bit when we start to give out the gifts that we've brought, and even the more hesitant girls will usually approach us, or allow us to approach them, out of sheer curiosity. We saw many new faces, but also got to catch up with friends we had not seen in awhile, making it a bittersweet reunion.

We made certain to bring a fresh pie or two to the club manager, who has been welcoming and supportive of our monthly visits to the club. While in his office, we did observe some new and concerning things on the cameras, of what appeared to be private rooms we had not noticed before. This prompted a prayer circle, immediately upon leaving the club. Our little team gathered around one another in the parking lot and prayed, for safety and for the Lord's hand to be evident in the life of each club employee.

It was a bittersweet visit -- there was joy as we got to celebrate a little piece of Thanksgiving with our friends, mixed with sorrow, as we were reminded that even more than we realize is occurring behind the scenes in these clubs. It was a reality check and a Spirit prompt to pray hard and not give up on our commitment to these girls and this city.

City Needs:

  • New City Team Leader for Temple/Killeen
  • Outreach sponsorship partners for 2018
  • Babysitting Team Leader and Hospitality Team Leader
  • Additional community partnerships and volunteers-- if you're interested in volunteering, go to and fill out a volunteer form!




  • 160 homemade pumpkin pies


We are always blown away by the November outreach!  It was a joy to see multiple churches work together to make this month’s happen. We never get tired of the faces and responses from the women and the staff when we hand them the box and reveal to them what is inside. Pure astonishment and joy come over their faces!

While driving to the clubs the aroma of pumpkin and spices filled our vehicles and we prayed that God would use this aroma to remind each of the ladies how loved and valued they are!

This year we made sure not to forget the plastic ware so the ladies could dig in immediately!

City Needs:

  • Pray for the relationships to continue to deepen outside the clubs between the ladies and our team

  • Pray for the men that are broken attending and working in these establishments

  • Pray for our Houston Team as we search for the next City Team Leader




  • 24 homemade pies gifted


Homemade pies were donated by local churches for our November Outreach and we are so thankful. As we arrived at the club and delivered the pies to the girls in the dressing room, each face lit up with joy. The ladies were incredibly excited to receive homemade pies. We met a new friend who asked who we were and thanked us for the pie. She said she had never had a homemade pie before and was so thankful. This opened up conversation for us to get to know her a little better. A single mother, she just moved back to Waco and began dancing. She had not danced in over five years but returned that week. I was able to get her phone number to follow up over coffee or lunch. She said to me, “Be sure to text me your name, because I will not remember this. I will be drunk tonight.” It broke my heart that she was not only in a hurting place but having to use alcohol to numb the pain of being there.

We also met another girl who is a pre-school teacher in Killeen. She was new to dancing and said her husband did not want her there. I asked her why she drove all the way to Waco to dance with clubs in Killeen. She said her husband is a soldier and out of respect, she did not want to run into any of his friends in the club. We were also able to get her number for follow up.

The pies were a great gift to open many conversations. We are thankful to each person who donated a pie!

Needs: We are looking for committed volunteers to join our prayer team. If interested, please email

City Needs:

  • Pray for those wanting to get out of the industry, that they will be able to confide in JSL for options.

  • Pray for the two girls who expressed doubt and pain in being at the club. Pray they see a light in JSL.

  • Pray for doors to be opened for deepened relationship with the girls

  • Pray for the girls to feel a sense of peace and to develop trusting relationships with Club Team

  • Pray for team leaders and for prayer volunteers

  • Pray for church and community partnerships to continue to deepen and expand

  • Pray for many opportunities for the women we are working with

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