October City Updates



  • 200 candles gifted
  • 10 Club Team members
  • 5 Security Team members
  • 4 Prayer Team members


As I’m writing this update I can’t help but stop and thank the Lord for allowing our teams to be His hands and feet in this ministry. We have been given a true honor to sit inside the dressing room or stand outside in the parking lot and hear their stories. Which is why our gift of a candle isn’t just a candle, but it signifies shining His light filled with Love, Grace and Mercy.

The club team had some ups and downs after the last outreach regarding building relationships with friends from the clubs; so as we prepared for outreach our prayers were that conversations would be abundant, that relationships would continue to grow and certain individuals would be present this night so that we knew they were okay. That is one of the hard things regarding this ministry is when one of our friends go silent on us; the not knowing hurts your heart. 

As we entered the clubs we were given the privilege to hear their stories of financial struggle, plans for the future, and a finalization of a divorce. One team member was able to exchange numbers with a young woman who was looking for a job in the medical field and our team member knew of an opportunity. Prayer was answered upon our return from outreach we learned that one of our friends who had gone silent on us was at one of the other clubs and was doing okay. 

It is such a privilege to be able to speak with, listen to, and prayer for these amazing friends. Thank you Lord for this journey of being Your hands and feet. 

City Needs:

  • Prayer for outreach sponsors for the remainder of 2017 and the spring of 2018

  • Prayers for Financial support for the Dallas Team




  • 25 candles gifted


It was cold and crisp outside on the night of October 27.

When our team came together to meet and pray before departing for the club, we realized that the craziness of the month had robbed us of the time to prepare some sort of food to take to our girls, something we have made a habit of the past few months. We lamented this briefly, then moved on with the conversation and the prayer, as we headed out into the crisp autumn evening. About halfway to the club though, none of us could shake the fact that we did not have anything for our girls to eat -- we can see how much they love it when we bring them food. On a whim, we pulled into an HEB and ran inside to pick out Halloween candy and bags of "hot" chips, everyone immediately feeling more energized for our visit.

Armed with sugar, spicy chips, and sparkly candles, we started toward the door of the club, noticing a significant amount of cars in the parking lot. In the front of the club, a man was selling Barbeque, for $10 a plate. He cheerfully offered it to us, which we declined for the time being, promising to consider it for later. I did not recognize the girl who was running the front this time -- we stopped to chat with her, and she was cool but friendly. We offered her a candle and snacks, which she picked through with a smile, thanking us. As we stood at the front chatting with her, a young man interrupted to give the desk girl a Ziploc bag containing feminine products -- we were unable to hear all of the exchange between the young man and the desk girl, but gathered that she was to give one of the women the feminine products. The man entered the club, and we followed shortly after, let in without so much as a question. It would seem that the "Jesus Girls" are becoming known around the establishment.

Through the haze we made our way to the dressing room, and one of our girls left her customer to give us big hugs and show us her Halloween costume. She accompanied us back to the dressing room, which was filled with girls dressing in costumes ranging from a French maid to some sort of warrior with a plastic sword. We were received with hugs and screams, as the girls gushed over the candles and the snacks. The three of us made our way around the dressing room, making sure to check in with each girl we saw. Our conversations ranged from frivolous, as some of us awed over the girls painting their faces with outrageous and creative makeup and colors, to serious and enlightening as we learned new, tragic, and redemptive parts of the stories that have led our friends to where they are now. Numbers were exchanged and pie flavor requests were taken, as we promised to return next month with homemade pies. After a quick stop by the club manager's office to deliver candy and chips, we left, bidding our friend at the front a good night.

Meanwhile, the security team spent the evening conversing with Barbeque Man, as he shared with them about some of his favorite girls who worked in the club.

It was a good night. We saw familiar faces and met new girls, and were received by all like old friends. Which is not always the case. As usual, I left with my heart exploding and breaking all at the same time from the best night of the month, when nothing else in the world seems to exist. Except for love, in what ever form it may come. In this case, it came disguised as hot Cheetos, mini kit-kats, and pretty little lights that opened up fresh conversation, broken hearts, and new friendships.
City Needs:

  • New City Team Leader for Temple/Killeen
  • Outreach sponsorship partners for the rest of 2017 and into 2018
  • Babysitting Team Leader and Hospitality Team Leader
  • Additional community partnerships and volunteers-- if you're interested in volunteering, go to jesussaidlove.com/volunteer and fill out a volunteer form!




  • 8 volunteers
  • 150 candles


With the Houston Astros in the World Series the clubs were pretty busy, so it was perfectly planned that we would bring candles this week! We were also excited the women were interested and some were already registered for the "You Are Loved" retreat held at Hunt Retreat in Fulsher, TX held the following weekend.

It's wonderful to see the joy light up on the women's faces as well as the security guard outside when we handed them the beautiful candles reminding them that they are loved. My hope is that they will remember this each time they light their candles!

City Needs:

  • Church Partnerships (current ones as well as those God is raising up)

  • Financial support for monthly outreaches 

  • Pray for continued relationships to be built between us and the women as well as the security team and the men the reach

  • Pray for continued recovery and healing for our outreach team members

  • Pray for women and men to have a life changing encounter with the one true God

  • Pray for the time between now and August's outreach that the Holy Spirit bring JSL to the women's hearts and they reach out to us

  • Pray for Houston to rise up and come along side these women with prayers. finances and resources


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