April City Updates



  • 150 nail polishes & cinnamon rolls were delivered to 4 clubs

  • 5 Club Team members and 3 Security Team guys had powerful conversations.

  • 1 dancer expressed her need for friendship outside of the club

  • 1 dancer asked for help with baby supplies & several dancers asked for Bibles

  • The Prayer Team played a major role in the evening and God moved


During the March Outreach, I was approached by a Spanish-speaking dancer. She took my phone from my hand and entered her name and number. When she handed the phone back she said, “Please, please have someone call me who speaks Spanish. I am Catholic, but I want to learn about your Jesus.”

These stories are just reminders that there is nothing in this line of work that has to do with us. The Lord has his perfect plan and He is revealing himself to these women in incredible ways. We are honored to be the ones walking with these women and watching the Lord take a hold of their hearts!

Prayer Needs:

  • Ongoing personal + Dallas financial support
  • Church partnerships
  • Spanish Speaking members on the Club Team/Security Team
  • Relationships outside the clubs continue to flourish
  • Job opportunities for our women continue to open up



  • 20 “hair essential” gift bags and 40 cupcakes went to the clubs
  • 1 woman has applied to a local college!
  • 2 women began attending church regularly with our club team
  • We met with 4 dancers outside of the club
  • 1 woman was celebrated with a baby shower We distributed 4 full vases of flowers


A few weeks ago, a dancer and her family were at a grocery store when a believer walked up to them. This young man explained that God had laid them on his heart while he was shopping. The family connected so much with him that they began to go with him to church and have been welcomed into that family of believers! I love how the Lord uses everyone to reach these women and their families.

Prayer Needs:

  • Job opportunities for women who are transitioning out of the commercial sex industry
  • Our House of Love network would increase in College Station



  • 90 gift bags went to the clubs

  • 5 women made plans to spend time with the team outside of the club


The women at the club continue to be extremely receptive and open to conversations with our club team members in San Antonio. So many women have big smiles on their faces as they see the purple shirts come through the dressing room doors! Many phone numbers were exchanged last month, and several women expressed interest in finding a job in the medical tech field. God is continuing to awaken hope and build deep trust in our relationships with dancers in San Antonio.

Prayer Needs:

  • The San Antonio team continues to meet with women outside of the club.

  • Job opportunities for women who are transitioning out of the industry

  • Partnerships in San Antonio

  • Our House of Love network would increase in San Antonio



  • 3 clubs received 50 nail polishes & pastries
  • 3 Club Team members & 2 Security Team members made connections + conversations
  • 1 new manager spoke with our security team for the first time
  • 2 girls at one club taught one club team member how to apply eyeshadow correctly in the dressing room
  • 10 women attended our JSL Retreat
  • 2 women applied and received assistance from the Dixie Fund
  • 1 woman got a new job + her drivers license


God has recently provided a new business partnership that led to one of our women getting a new job...she will be making more that she has ever made before! We were also able to help the same woman move into a new home & get her first driver’s license.  


  • Higher interest and attendance from our women in our retreat programs
  • Growing “House of Love" partners
  • New team members to join our security team and prayer team
  • Job opportunities for our women continue to open up



  • 20 nail kits were given out to dancers   
  • We gave cookies & cupcakes to all the girls 
  • 2 women served on Club Team & 2 men on Security Team


This month, we had a very emotional conversation with a girl who was at the club for the first time since having her new baby. She cried with us and showed us photos of her sweet little child. She told us: “Having you guys here is like an answered prayer….It’s a wake up call for me. I know I don’t want to do this anymore. In moments like these, I can most tangibly feel Christ in the club with us.

Prayer Needs:

  • Boldness in our team
  • An upcoming picnic with our women

  • Financial support

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