March City Updates



  • 150  “Tool Kits” delivered to 4 clubs
  • 14 Numbers exchanged to begin friendships

  • 1 dancer has an interview set up with a manager of a salon in the Dallas area

  • 1 dancer told our team she would like us to attend her graduation ceremony

  • 1 house mom was celebrated with a cake & goodies from our club team during outreach

  • 2 new club relationships have been opened through manager connections

  • 1 manager said he wants out and sent his resume to a security team member


Our team here in Dallas has continually been called to be BOLD and to set aside FEAR as we continue to serve the clubs in Dallas. So much favor bestowed on our team and all the glory goes to our Father in Heaven. 

During the outreach, I met a young woman who has been dancing her way through school. She’s been living in Dallas for 3 years without family or friends, so I asked her if she wanted to hang out. She was shocked that I desired her friendship. I told her that I loved her already and just wanted to help her grow and accomplish the desires of her heart. At the end of the conversation, her words brought tears to my eyes: 

"You have no idea how I feel right now. I can't believe you want to hang out with me. I am overcome with this feeling of love I have never felt before. Please hang out with me so I can understand all this you do!"

Prayer Needs:

  • Financial Support for Dallas City Team and Personal Salary
  • Job opportunities for girls/managers ready to transition

  • House of Love to strengthen and grow



  • We handed out 20 Valentine’s gift bags
  • We distributed 4 full vases of flowers

  • Each girl was given chocolate covered strawberries

  • 1 woman was connected to a maternity home/program

  • 1 ex-dancer had her baby this month

  • 2 women asked to meet up with a club team member this month


“The atmosphere in the club felt very different from other nights. The girls were very warm and welcoming. Instead of the usual chaos of getting ready, the night seemed calm and peaceful. Most girls sat with us and spoke very directly. Many of them had hearts that were sensitive to talking about Jesus and transitioning out of the clubs. We felt a total shift in the environment this month. We are expectant for all that God is doing...He is making a way!”

- Amanda, Club Team Member

Prayer Needs:

  • Job opportunities for women who are transitioning out of the commercial sex industry
  • Our House of Love network would increase in College Station



  • 90 bundt cakes were given away in the clubs
  • We connected with 60 women

  • 1 woman wanted to meet outside of the clubs


“The night went incredibly smoothly. Michelle has truly done an incredible job in building relationships with the dancers in San Antonio, and they greeted us with open arms. Several women we met had never heard of us before.  As the club team explained to the women our intention, “Wow!” and “That’s awesome!” echoed throughout the dressing room.  These women couldn’t believe why we were there and handing a gift to them.” - Kellie, Director of Outreach

Prayer Needs:

  • Job opportunities for women who are transitioning out of the commercial sex industry
  • Our House of Love network would increase in San Antonio

  • Provision of a new City Team Leader in San Antonio



  • 3 platters of hand-dipped chocolate covered strawberries went to 3 clubs
  • 1 club that has been slow recently was a bit busier, and the women there were very talkative 

  • 2 clubs were rather slow, but welcoming to our team

  • 1 club had a shooting the previous night, and we were able to offer counseling services to some of the dancers.


This outreach was all about LOVE: showing our women that, despite any negative feelings about Valentines Day, they are loved by Jesus and by us! This month, numerous women have reached out lately about finding new jobs...this can be very difficult depending on their experience, skills, and history. Thankfully, we have been blessed by a local business partner who has been assisting several women in the application process!


  • Table sponsorships for the upcoming Wild Torch Fundraiser
  • Job opportunities for women who are seeking employment outside of the commercial sex industry

  • Babysitters to assist in childcare needs for the Waco team members and dancers during outreaches/retreats



  • We gave away 20 foot scrubs.
  • 20 women received chocolate covered strawberries and gift bags  
  • 4 women served on club team/2 men on security team/2 on prayer team.
  • 2 women gave us their info outside of the club


This month’s outreach was very lively. Girls are getting really excited about our visits to the club! I am consistently amazed at how honest they are with us. When we get into a deep conversation, those club floors become holy ground. In so many stories, we hear undertones of restlessness: “I can’t go on this way,” and, “Things can stay like this forever.” We are expectant for the ways hearts will be reconciled to Him.

Prayer Needs:

  • Continued relationship with girls outside the club
  • Trust to be developed with girls and management

  • More church partnerships

  • Strength and resiliency for our women on club team

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