June Waco Update

The theme for this month’s outreach was “Freedom.” We began with a sweet time of intimacy in worship and connection with God. Aaron and Amanda Konzelman led the prayer team in worship, and it was amazing! This month, we went to the clubs bearing brightly colored flip-flops, deli sandwich trays, and homemade brownies. We were welcomed in by the management at all three clubs! They were genuinely grateful that we came to visit the women and love on them. The women were extremely happy to see us, greeting us enthusiastically with smiles and hugs! The loved the gifts and the food. We received many thank-you’s and words of appreciation. They were engaged in conversations, shared pictures of their children, and updated us on their lives. We met two new dancers who were entertaining at the club for the first time. One woman, mother of three children, has put herself through nursing school and will graduate in August!

Waco also endured some rough points this month. One woman we have worked closely with is struggling and has returned to the club. Another dancer who has showed tremendous progress in turning her life around recently lost primary custody of her daughter. She has a wonderful attitude and states that she can feel God’s peace in her life right now. She is still committed to start school in fall and continue on the path to accomplish her goals.


We are in need of committed team members in many areas! We still need volunteers to join our prayer team (commit to praying once a month during our outreach), hospitality team (assist in baking meals for retreats and outreaches, helping with baby showers, graduation parties, etc.), babysitters team (volunteer approx. 5 hours a month to assist our team and women with childcare), club team (group of women that go into the clubs each month and connect with dancers) and security team (group of men that drive the club team, serve as security and connect with bouncers/management outside of the club). If you’re interested in serving with us, click here!

A big thank you to: Laura Lalani, Cari Edison, Melissa McKenzie, and Genny Davis for donating sandwich trays, as well as the Youth Group at Shiloh Baptist Church for purchasing and assembling the outreach gifts. Also, thanks to Kary Lalani at Homewood Suites for donating a room for staff training!

Join in Prayer

Pray for God to bring the right people to join our team: people that are committed to serving God, committed to the mission of JSL, and committed to serving the women that we are trying to reach. Also, pray for more area churches to partner with us and share our mission to their congregations.

much LOVE,

Kristi | Waco City Team Leader