The February outreach in College Station was a huge success! Given the nature of Valentine’s Day and what it represents in our culture, we were excited to tangibly communicate the extravagant love of the Father. Amidst roses (funded by Antioch Community Church) and chocolate covered strawberries (made by New Life), our club team member Juliette broke down the true meaning of the word "beloved" and what it means to belong to Christ.


As I was spending time praying for the outreach, a deep gratitude welled up within me. The Lord, in His kindness and goodness, lavished His love upon me as I was sitting in the pit of hell. Hallelujah that we love and serve such a faithful, loving Rescuer. Our God meets us where we are and pours out His love with no strings attached.


We were blessed with long, uninterrupted conversations with several different girls this month.  Many dancers were curious about us and our personal stories. Through our testimonies, God put forth the Gospel in a really beautiful, personal way.  These deep connections have already gone from conversations to lunch dates and even one mentor relationship.  We are expectant for what God has in store with these new precious friendships. Please pray for continued interactions and deeper friendships outside of the club environment.