Raquel's Story: How 1 Student Raised $670 With a Few Emails and a Few Minutes

At JSL, we believe that everyone has a sphere of time, talent, money, and influence...whether you're a CEO or a college student. What will you choose to do with YOUR resources? Below is Raquel's story...how a busy college student managed to raise over $500 for our 1500 Columbus building campaign in just one month! 

Raquel’s Story: 

"Across the board, both Christians and non-Christians hold a desire to give back to the community. And, though we are constantly bombarded with opportunities to invest, we very rarely have the time or motivation to follow through with our good intentions. As a Baylor student, my schedule this semester has been hectic to say the least! Last semester, I took on a full course load of twenty-one hours, accompanied by my on-campus job and Baylor Dance Company commitments. In the midst of all the craziness, I have been searching for a way to give back to Waco. The organization Jesus Said Love made this possible for me!

As an organization, Jesus Said Love has really touched me. Their purpose is to help women who are in the sex industry. This is a very bold and inspiring move. I wanted to support and be a part of an organization that is not afraid to reach out to a demographic so often overlooked and disregarded. This group of women deserves to feel valued, loved, and cherished. One day, I was browsing the JSL website (probably looking to buy a cool t-shirt) and I stumbled across a link that said, “Start a Fundraiser” on the “Take Action” page. On an impulse, I clicked on the link and quickly set up an account. I set my goal to fundraise $500...within a month, I had raised $670!

Here’s the crazy part: it only took a couple of emails to friends and family members to raise this entire sum of money. Just a few minutes out of my day raised up $670 that will go towards the renovations for 1500 Columbus (JSL’s new building)! My miniscule efforts will help not only to renovate a building, but also create a haven for JSL staff members and dancers alike. Who can pass up an opportunity like that?"

Raquel is now serving as our 2015 Research intern at Jesus Said Love, and doing an incredible job! If you’d like to start your own fundraiser, click here. 10 minutes can make a tenfold impact.

Also, students, be sure to check out Campus Love, a movement designed to make sure college students know that their time, talent, money, and influence can actually make a difference...no matter your career path!