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February was a big month for JSL San Antonio.

Big decisions were made, and new connections were formed. I, Michelle Canamar, made the decision to come on full-time with JSL. I had been leading the team on a part-time volunteer basis while also working full-time at a separate job. It had finally come to the point where I had to choose between the two. I prayed and fasted for 21 days and it was clear in the end God was not only opening another door for me, but leading me towards my heart's desire. So, starting in May,  I will be working full-time with JSL! I am so excited! I will be able to work more with the dancers, as well as build relationships with churches and friends. 

It was also a big month in the club. We really could not have asked for a better time in the club. Valentine's Day brought forth fruit (no pun intended with the strawberries), but the conversations we had and the girls we met were incredible. It was not a very busy night, so we were able to spend a little more quality time with them. We met and spent time with a girl who just had her rights as mother terminated. It was heartbreaking. We prayed and loved on her for quite sometime. We talked with the house mom in one club whose daughter was just getting out of jail. We see this woman every month, but this time we got to hear her story. She was thrilled to see us. She knew it was not a coincidence we were there that night. God's timing is perfect.

It is not always just the dancers that need to know Jesus is in pursuit of them. The managers need to know, the house moms need to know. We all need to be reminded sometimes that Jesus Love US! In our last club, we were able to circle around with the girls and pray. It was the first time we prayed out loud in a group like that. By far one of the best moments this year! Such a precious time of praying for these beautiful young girls. I just pinch myself to think I get the privilege to be a light and love on these beautiful treasures!

February also brought about some great relationships with new volunteers, especially for our prayer team. It has been on my heart to have a strong prayer team, and I met two girls whose hearts are to build a team and pray. We could not do this without prayer warriors!

Last month was amazing. I cannot wait to see what March holds. Please continue to pray for these girls!

Thank you.



San Antonio Team

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