September Temple/Killeen Update

August has been a month of connections in our community. It’s always such a joy to share this ministry with others! We’ve recently met so many people are excited to volunteer with Jesus Said Love.

While community connections are important in every city, I am seeing recently just how crucial they are to JSL in Temple/ Killeen. Killeen is home to one of the largest military bases in the world. Military life brings with it a constant state of transition. Whether that transition comes through a deployed parent or spouse or a new home state, the military doesn’t hold much consistency.

Recently, I visited a church pastor who encouraged me by this simple statement: “I came to Killeen on purpose, and my church is here on purpose.” This strong statement about intentionality refreshed and surprised me. This church wasn’t picked up by a breeze and dropped in Killeen...instead, it was placed HERE to minister to the community of Killeen. This church has a desire to care for God’s people and love the surrounding community. In a city that is constantly on the move, I am always so encouraged to see people who follow the Lord, trust in Him, and love on purpose.


We are still in need of many volunteers! We need people to help organize bag assembly, childcare, and hospitality. If you are interested in being on our prayer team that meets during outreach every month we would love to have you. We are also still looking for two or three more women to serve on club team and men to serve on security team.

Pray For

-Financial support www.

- Volunteers to serve on our various teams

- Church partnership

- Wisdom and discernment as we prepare for December’s outreach

So many people have come together in neat ways this month. The Lord’s hand is strongly weaving this ministry into the community. There are five clubs in Killeen; however, we have decided to go focus on one club as we begin. This way, we can invest in the lives of those dancers really well. After much prayer and waiting, it has been made clear which specific club we will visit! It has been such a joy to be one step closer to December’s outreach. Of course, where there is progress, the enemy manages to plant fear and insecurity: “You are too young for this,” and, “This is too big for you to handle.” The closer we get to outreach, the more I (and the rest of the team) must be rooted in the Word and remember that this isn’t about us or our qualifications for the task at hand. Rather, this is about our identity as children of God and the desire for our body, soul, and spirit to serve Him to give Him all the glory.

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