September San Antonio Update

Back to School…..Back to the Grind

As we prepared for our Back-to-School night, I was overcome with the feeling that we aren’t just doing this for the women, we are doing it for the kids as well. We are awakening hope in the next generation of kids that otherwise could end up in the clubs. We gathered as we always do to pray and head out, but this month was different. We also gathered with a group of men and women who have agreed to come alongside us and intercede for the women and the GO team. We call this our Prayer Team. (I like to think of them as warriors!) Calling them “The Prayer Team” seems so meek when they have just spent 4 hours warring in worship and prayer for the lives of women to be touched and for life-altering encounters with God.

The atmosphere was different this night. We were armed with journals that said, “You are loved, You are valued, You are worthy,” fliers for school supplies, and cookies. There was a special moment at all three clubs, but the in the last one there was a moment in which God sweetly reminded me that He is in everything we bring and everything we do. We were handing out journals and talking with girls when one dancer who we have known for a while walked in wearing our purple “Jesus Love Strippers” shirt! She said, “I knew ya’ll would be here tonight, so I wore my shirt.” It was like time stopped, and God nudged my spirit….one day, she will come with you wearing that shirt to share her story with other girls.” That is our hope. Our desire is to one day equip the girls we are loving on to go back and love on other girls. When you are freed from a stronghold, you have the authority to go back and free other people in that area! God moments are so sweet and so full of love.

For many of the dancers, August is bittersweet. It is nice to have the kids back in school but it also means less time with them due to their work schedule. The money slows in the clubs, so the women run short on funds for school supplies and, in case you don’t have kids in school, these supplies aren’t cheap. We had the pleasure of taking 6 women shopping. It was the highlight of my month! When you walk around the store with them and hear their stories, stories of absent dads, struggling kids, and moms doing the best they wonder why you ever complain about life. You want so badly for them to get out of this lifestyle that causes so much stress...but you know that all you can do is LOVE. It is enough. Love is enough! We are only called to love...Jesus is the one who saves. That is what we did this month. On the second day of school, I got a text from one of the girls saying, “My kids had a great first day of middle school because of your help!” Another sweet God moment came from the sister of a dancer. They came shopping together and she wanted to know what we were about. I told her and she said “I just want you to know you are getting through to them. My niece works in the club you go to and she comes home and tells me about y’all and what you tell her. I have been telling her the same things for years, but she listens to you. Whether you see it or not, you are making a difference.” Here we are want to bless them and in return I am encouraged and immensely blessed

I want to close by giving a shout out to all of the friends who supplied gift cards for school supplies. You know who you are and I appreciate you more than you know! So many lives were touched by your donations.
We are still have great volunteer opportunities and a few leader roles to fill. If you read this and are moved with passio n to want to help email me!!

Much LOVE,

Michelle | San Antonio CTL

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