September Dallas Update

Although we have not re-launched into the clubs in Dallas, the Lord is doing some amazing things in this city. The connections, partnerships and volunteers that continue to be put in my path as the City Team Leader are astounding. God has control of this City and a passion for marginalized women in the area is beginning to manifest itself in ways only our Maker could configure.

This month, a specific theme has consistently been brought to my attention: the darker and deeper we try to reach as believers, the brighter the light we become. However, with this desire to reach those in the deep, dark pit, Satan will do anything to keep the light of Jesus from reaching those dark places. The enemy quickly begins to attack. I have already experienced this in Dallas as we have started to connect with others willing to serve alongside JSL.

One particular Church in the area also has a huge heart and passion to serve the marginalized. This church take the revolutionary love of Christ to so many in need. As I met with a staff member from this church, I felt such excitement about partnership in working together for the dancers in our city. However, every single time we had a second meeting scheduled, there have been conflicts. Tragedy, a random scheduling incident, and a random illness have stopped these meetings. This example is a small way that even discussing the light of Christ to be presented to an area of darkness, rattles the cage of Satan.

Constantly, I have been reminded that I must demonstrate my trust in Christ by first giving myself to him daily, and then giving Him JSL Dallas daily. The Lord is clear that as we begin to demonstrate trust in HIm on a regular basis, He then weakens the prince of darkness. For Dallas to be successful, the start, middle, and finish of any process, any activity. any outreach,  or any creative thought must first be rooted in Christ. We must not only demonstrate by sharing the gospel and His Love to the women in the sex industry, we MUST demonstrate our trust, faith and belief in the Love that He has for us first. This way, our work will be filled with Him, and nothing of Satan or this world will have any part. We will then have a light that shines radiantly through JSL in Dallas.

Please pray for JSL and the work that has been laid before us to begin. Pray for the team’s wellness in the Lord as we approach darkness in the city from big to small. Ask the Lord to continue to bring volunteers that feel called to serve on a team in any capacity, and pray that churches begin to mobilize together to change the sexualized culture in this city.

Specific Prayer Points in Dallas:

- Church Partnerships

- Financial Support for my role as City Team Leader

- Volunteers & Volunteer Leadership

- Club Partnerships

“To the weak, I have become weak, that I might win the weak. I have become all things to all people, that by all means I might save some. I do it all for the sake of the gospel, that I may share with them in its blessings.” 1 Corinthians 9:22-23

Thank you so much for loving JSL staff by reading our blogs and joining us in prayer. I am beyond excited to see how God continues to move in this city and those across Texas.

Much LOVE,

Jodi | Dallas CTL

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