Where Are They Now: Amy | Social Work Intern

Below is an email from our FIRST social work intern, the one who helped us partner with the social work program at Baylor AND created the idea for our "day away" retreat program! These retreats are now implemented in Waco and growing to our other cities. We still have ex dancers ask about Amy and speak of their love for her. She's doing great things now in Uganda! If you're interested in signing up for an internship, you can fill out an application here.

Internet is up and running in my little Ugandan home! Therefore, I think it is time for an update :) Today marks the third day in my own house. It is located within a gated compound with three other houses. There is no central air and I am getting used to flipping the switches to turn on my oven, outlets, and hot water. To fight the heat I sleep with my windows open and under a mosquito net. Also, I have received my first pet -  a little gecko who lives in my kitchen :) He is good to have around to eat the flies, spiders, and other unwanted pests that find their way inside. In the coming days, I look forward to meeting my neighbors and making this new place home.

During my first week, I was able to meet the staff, teachers, and students at Refuge and Hope - as well as undergo orientation and training. I not only received orientation to the organization, but I went on an all day boda tour of Kampala. A boda is a means of local transportation in Uganda, basically a guy on a motorcycle and you jump on back and enjoy the ride. This tour not only allowed me to see most of Kampala through traveling the heavily congested streets, but it took me to various points of interest such as: King's Palace, Lake Victoria, Uganda Museum, 3rd largest mosque in Africa, a local Catholic Church, and a beautiful cathedral. From the mosque, I was able to climb a tall tower which presented me with a glorious overlook of the city. Sadly I did not have my camera, but I plan on going back to capture and share this amazing view with you all!

As I close out the weekend to my first week in Uganda, I feel humbled to be serving in such a beautiful place. Though this week has brought its trials of adapting to a new culture and the learning of a new place - the loving embrace of the teachers, staff, and students at Refuge and Hope has brought my heart rest, comfort, and peace. They have made this transition a little less lonely with providing me with such welcoming and loving spirits. I can not wait to begin my first official work week and I look forward to sharing with you all again very soon!

Much appreciation to you all for following me on this journey and for supporting me in so many ways! Please read the list below of how you can join in praying for Refuge and Hope and me this week: 

- The building of relationships outside of R&H and the search for a roommate to share my house. 
- My learning of a new place, new culture, and new language - May my eyes and heart be open to new learning and experiences. 
- As I begin my first, full work week - may I have wisdom, discernment, and a learner's heart as I begin my work. 
- For the staff at R&H as they work to establish a place where refugees feel loved, cared for, and empowered.
Love is powerful -
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