American Apparel: A Tri-Blend Contradiction

We love American Apparel shirts.

They’re high quality.

They're soft.

They're made in the USA.

Our awareness products have been proudly printed on AA shirts for years...however, we’ve recently been compelled to cut ties with this seemingly innocent, oh-so-trendy textile company.

What’s not to love?

American Apparel has chosen to employ a marketing strategy that grossly promotes the sexual exploitation of women. This goes against the very fabric of what Jesus Said Love stands for. Because we aim to awaken hope and empower change in this area, we simply cannot continue to use AA shirts to promote our message.

What does that mean for future JSL shirts?

We are happy to say that we have discovered and thoroughly vetted two excellent new companies whose marketing strategies and production methods we can stand behind…and their shirts pass the test, too! You may have noticed low to zero stock in many of our shirts...the most popular being the Jesus Loves Strippers shirt. We should have our first shipment of the "new" shirts ready to go in the next 10 days or so. For now, take advantage of the deep discounts in the Love Store. The new Fall line comes out in October, and we're super excited about this one!

Thanks for your support and understanding as we work to champion freedom and love.

-Brett, Emily, and the Jesus Said Love Team

P.S. If you feel similarly unsettled about the above situation, feel free to contact American Apparel and let them know you're not happy that they've chosen to exploit women in their marketing strategies. Remind them that they sell apparel, not nudity. Tell them that hyper-sexualized marketing is not creative or artistic; it's a lazy way to make a buck. Let them know that their marketing drives up the demand for pornography and even entices school-girl fantasies, which contribute greatly to the trafficking crisis in our country involving an alarming number of minors. This must stop!  

AA says they are promoting art. If that’s the case, they would be above gratuitous nudity.

Be kind. Be loving. Be firm. Contact them here.

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