San Antonio May Outreach

For most of us, May is a month filled with joy! Mother's Day, Graduation and Cinco De Mayo are marked by confetti, cards, and flowers. However, as we gathered for prayer before our May outreach, my heart grew heavy for the women we would reach...women who may not be so joyful in this season. Many have been separated from their kids, don't speak with their mothers, or are coping with the effects of abortion. At the clubs, we encounter mothers and single women alike, and I was praying about how to reach every one of them during what may be a difficult holiday. As we were praying, I heard the word “RECONCILIATION.” Yes! Reconciliation with families! Reconciliation with God! He is a God of reconciliation. So, as we handed out the beautiful Gerber daisies and Cupcakes, I prayed for each one. I prayed that, on this holiday that may feel emotionally overwhelming, they would feel overwhelmed solely by God's love and mercy!

We were truly blessed this month. We are blessed by these women every month, but this outreach was a little more special. The "House Mom" at one of the clubs had a gift for us! She put so much thought into our gift and showed us such love. She said she was so thankful for us and the gifts we brought for both the girls and for her. This is the reason we never leave anybody out: we never know who needs a bit of love in their life, whether it be a manager, cocktail waitress, bouncer, house mom, or dancer. Just a small gift can open the biggest door! I LOVE what we have the privilege to do every month. A special THANK YOU to Saweet Cupcakes for providing the delicious cupcakes!

-Michelle (SA City Team Leader)

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