Year-End Giving

Our testimony is and always will be this: Jesus is our Provider. 

Though we are fueled by incredibly generous people, we know that our ultimate hope is in Him. Though we have received blessing after blessing from human bank accounts, we will never forget that the provision has been through Him. And, while our hope is not in donors, it is our joy to watch God provide through partnerships with men, women, and organizations as they lock arms with us to awaken hope and empower change in the lives of women in the commercial sex industry. 

Throughout 2014, we have seen a tremendous increase in partnerships through outreach sponsorships, volunteer hours, and financial supporters. I cannot express enough how much God is moving in and through JSL across Texas.

I think of the club manager who said, “Goodbye,” to the industry after 30 years because he just couldn’t take it any more. He thanked me for the consistency and faithfulness of JSL. He said we inspired him to something greater.

I’m reminded of the dancer who traded in her heels for detour road signs. She now helps keep drivers safe while navigating the never-ending Texas construction. I’m deeply encouraged by the woman we helped rescue from a pit of drugs and prostitution. Through the help of a partner recovery home, she is now drug free and building a successful micro-business.

Stories upon stories scream God’s grace and redemption. It is a humbling and inspiring thing to be in the front row of His powerful demonstrations. As we turn our eyes toward 2015, we are excited about the work ahead and the new lives that will be empowered and awakened.

They are not the only ones being changed…my life is being transformed, too.

I want to invite you to join us in the front row. Not everyone can go into the clubs or make late night drives to emergency shelters, but anyone, male or female, adult or child, can help play a role. Here are a few specific areas your year-end gift could help:

$100,000 for 1500 Columbus Renovations

In early Spring, we will move into our new official home in Waco: 1500 Columbus. In October, we closed on this 4500 square foot property. 100% of the funds to buy this building were generously donated. We are currently raising funds for 1500’s renovation project. This space will include offices, a training center for dancers transitioning out of the industry, a counseling center for women and children, potential emergency shelter for dancers in crisis, retail space for the Love Store, as well as future programs that we hope to introduce in 2015. This space will serve ALL of our teams across Texas and will be a resource for all the women we reach.
Click here to learn more and take a virtual tour of our vision for 1500 Columbus.

$30,000 for The Dixie Fund

The Dixie Fund is a transition fund we established to assist dancers leaving the industry with immediate financial needs. The fund is named after our friend Dixie who successfully transitioned out of the industry and gave her life to Jesus. Soon before she was to be baptized, Dixie was killed in an auto accident. Through the generosity of so many around the world, JSL was able to pay for Dixie’s entire funeral. The remaining funds helped establish The Dixie Fund. Today, dancers transitioning out can apply for small grants to help in their transition. Though it’s not a loan, we encourage them to pay back the funds and “pay it forward” for women who will come after them. To date, The Dixie Fund has a 90% re-payment rate. 

$30,000 for 2015 Club Outreaches Across Texas

We execute monthly club outreaches in Waco, Dallas, Bryan/College Station, San Antonio, and Killeen. The outreach is where it all begins: Relationship. Trust. Jesus. It all happens at the club every month. Armed with great gifts and food, our highly trained teams spend hours in area clubs visiting with management and dancers expressing the love of Jesus without strings attached. After 11 years of club outreaches, every month continues to hold new and fresh experiences. 

The financial need is apparent. One-time gifts are fantastic, and we are looking for more monthly partners who are moved to invest in our efforts. Every amount matters. One of our most faithful donors has given $5/month for several years. And she has helped make an impact on numerous marginalized women. 

If any of the above is for you, we would gladly welcome your partnership. If it’s not, then we surely welcome your prayers. Remember, you can always partner with us by volunteering in one of our cities or by simply sharing the work of Jesus Said Love with your church community and circles of influence. 

You can donate safely online here or send a check to Jesus Said Love PO Box 523 Waco, TX 76703. Remember, all donations must be postmarked by Dec 31 to receive 2014 tax credit.

We hope you will consider our needs and ask the Lord if He wants to use you to partner with us through time, talent, money, or influence. 

For the glory of Jesus and the honor of His people,

Brett Mills 

P.S. March 23, 2015 will be a date you want to circle on your calendar. More to come.

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