December Waco Update


During our Thanksgiving outreach, we had the pleasure of delivering homemade pies to each club! Every single dancer got to take home their very own pie. Thank you to all the volunteers from Harris Creek Baptist Church and in our community who used their time and talents to bake this homemade act of LOVE!

“And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” Colossians 3:17.

As we gathered in prayer at the beginning of the night, we asked that the Lord speak through the team members and show His amazing presence through them and the gifts as they went out that night. How truly thankful we are for the opportunity to go into the clubs and show the love of Jesus. We do not want to take this blessing lightly! We gathered with a spirit of thankfulness and gratitude that God called each of us to be there that night and that His provision allowed us access to meet and know the women, managers, and bartenders in the clubs.

This month, one of our incredible “Go Team” members was back and ready to go after having her precious baby. Below is her story from the night:

November outreach was my first one back after being out several months having a baby.  It certainly was good to be back!
The first club was actually worse than before I left. There were ZERO patrons and four girls sitting at a table near the stage. We hung out with them there for a few minutes. Conversation was fine, but not great. The manager was incredibly discouraged because business was so slow... and she said the girls were down because they wouldn't be making even enough money for their living expenses.
The next club was, as always, the "healthiest" of the clubs. We spoke with about 6 girls and they were very open and friendly. Harris Creek was so generous with pies that we have enough for bouncers, managers, bartenders...everyone!
At the last club, the owners were present as they are between managers. There were a few girls, but they were extremely distracted- possibly high- so there was no significant conversation despite our efforts. Soon after, a group of young female patrons came in, causing the dancers ran to the owner and insist that those were the girls that wanted to "jump them" last time... It got rather dramatic in there. The door girl said they didn't have any security.
The clubs are eerily the same after many months. It reminded me of the cycle our girls are in...a rut that never seems to change or get better. As for me, I love and hate the clubs all at the same time. But stay compelled to go.

This month has been quite trying as far as our work with the women goes. We have had a lot of grieving, loss of family members, loss of jobs, loss of opportunities and hope. It is difficult at times to deal with disappointments one after another, but I know this is only a slight taste of what the Lord deals with when it comes to all of us. I struggle with constantly praying for “things to get better” in their lives because I love them so and hate to see them go through the things that they do, but have to ask God to grant me wisdom and discernment so that He can continue His plan for their lives.

Financial/Tangible Needs:

We are definitely in need of donations for our Christmas outreach, which will occur on Friday December 19th! We will be delivering stockings to each of the clubs. The stockings will include slipper socks, jewelry, chocolate, lotion and a gift card to help with expenses during this time of year. Please contact me at if you can help us out! You can donate gift cards to HEB, Target or Walmart in $25 amounts. We would also love for your small group to “sponsor” a few stockings and fill them up with the appropriate items! We are also going to be taking a BBQ dinner to each club so we are accepting donations to help cover the cost of the food as well. Thank you in advance for your help! Christmas is such a crucial time for many of the women, and we love having the opportunity to bless them as much as we can.

We need employers who are willing to hire some of our women who are ready to leave the commercial sex industry. There are several that are ready and willing, but just need to right opportunity to give them a chance!

Volunteer Opportunities:

We still need a few more men to volunteer to be part of the security team, and we are also still really trying to focus on building the prayer team. We can not do what we do without prayer (and lots of it)! We would love to grow our prayer team to a group of committed prayer warriors to join together and cover the outreach each month. Outreach occurs once a month, and childcare can be provided if needed. Our prayer team plays a crucial and necessary role in every outreach!

Prayer Needs:

  • Please pray that donations and resources come in for the Christmas outreach!

  • A dancer is having a serious medical test done on Dec. 19th. Please pray for comfort and clarity to come from this appointment.

  • A friend of JSL has lost her mother and brother recently. Please pray for her during this time of grieving and for wisdom in future plans.    

The Waco team is absolutely amazing and I am so thankful for all that they bring to this ministry! Pray that they will have an extra dosage of strength, motivation and energy during my maternity leave coming us soon!


  • Harris Creek Baptist Church volunteers for baking 50 homemade pies!

  • Jillian Marshall for volunteering for childcare during the outreach night

  • Joseph Redman for helping us deliver all the pies during the outreach

Much LOVE,

Kristi | Waco CTL

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