December Dallas Update


November has been a very busy month for JSL Dallas! We are in full preparation mode for our first outreach in December. As supplies for the December stockings began to pour in, I was constantly reminded of how thankful I am to be the City Team Leader here in this city.

I not only get the chance to serve the clubs with the gifts each month, but I also get to meet so many volunteers and people donating gifts from behind the scenes. I am thankful for His unending Love for us as groups of people open their hearts and wallets to purchase special gifts for these women. I am thankful for the volunteers here in Dallas, constantly checking in to see how they can help. I’m thankful for the churches supporting our ministry as we launch.

The stockings will be filled with pajama pants, body spray, a Jesus Loves Strippers shirt, and a note letting them know they are loved this holiday season. We will also be taking in Rudy’s BBQ for all the women and staff in the 3 clubs. Needless to say, here in Dallas we had plenty to be thankful for, and we’re giving our savior all the Glory for what He has done to prepare each tiny detail. Christmas is such an important time for many of our women as they support their families through the holidays. It is a blessing to serve them in this small way and share the true meaning behind why we celebrate during this time of year.

I am very excited to say that January and February gifts for outreach have already been covered by two different groups! What a huge blessing to know two months out are already covered. We are looking for groups to begin praying about sponsoring our March and April outreaches. April is like December in that it is one of our larger gifts as we celebrate Easter!

Dallas is also in need of several more church partnerships as we enter 2015. We would love to gain 10 more churches who not only support JSLD financially, but support us by supplying time, talent and influence.

A big THANK YOU to:

  • The Heights Baptist Church for financial support and opening their doors to host our first prayer team meeting.

  • The Blaylock Community Group from Chase Oaks for providing supplies for our stockings.

  • My Club Team for stepping up and supporting the stockings by having their personal community groups bring supplies.

  • Teachers at The Heights CDC for providing Body Sprays.

How can others be praying to our team?

  • Pray for the managers we come in contact with to be willing to allow our teams into their clubs.

  • Pray that the Lord is already preparing the hearts of the women and staff we come in contact with to be willing to hear what we have to say and begin to build lasting friendships.

  • Pray for our team as some of the club team members have never been in a club environment before. We as a team want to be open to the Spirit, to speak truth when opportunities arise, and to pour out love. We want our team to be fully equipped to deal with the spiritual warfare that may come as we bring light into darkness.

  • Pray for our security team as they drive us around Dallas. Pray that the men’s hearts are protected from hearing or seeing anything that could cause them to stumble. Pray that they are also open to grow through these experiences and that they begin to build relationships with the men they come in contact with on outreach night.

  • Pray for more Church Partnerships to support JSL financially so we can continue to grow and reach more women in more clubs in our city.

  • Pray for my personal financial support as I continue to raise money monthly for my salary.

We will be in the clubs very, very soon and I am beyond excited as I have watch the Lord piece together volunteers, gifts and details to make this outreach possible.

Stay tuned... I know there are exciting things to come! The Lord is truly at work, his presence is here in Dallas and I can’t wait to see Him move.

Much LOVE,

Jodi | Dallas CTL

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