December BCS Update

This month’s outreach is always one of my favorites of the year. I love bringing a spirit of thankfulness into the clubs. Before this particular outreach, I made it a point to meditate on all of the ways God has lifted me from a life of despair and into a life of hope and joy.

God has truly done so much for me and there are so many reasons to be grateful. Even amidst difficult seasons and circumstances, God stays with me and never leaves.  His goodness in this reality is always reason enough for gratefulness to bubble out from within.

We walked into the club knowing that God wanted to move and love extravagantly.  There were many women who were working on this particular outreach night, so we were praying that the Holy Spirit would strategically highlight the women He wanted us to talk to.  Like He always does, the Father faithfully led us to four specific girls that He wanted us to connect with.  God opened up doors to share His heart with these women and to speak hope into their lives.  It was a beautiful night!  

This month has been good for our BCS team. We are learning every day about how to better love and serve the women from the club.  There have been some incredible testimonies from dancer’s lives that have been encouraging to us.

There have been some moments where I have personally had to battle discouragement. In a ministry like ours, there will always be setbacks with the women.  God has been good to continue to encourage me throughout this month.

Financial Needs:

  • I am raising support for my second year of working with JSL in BCS

  • We are still looking for a group to sponsor our January outreach.  If you are interested in this, please email

Prayer Needs:

  • Pray for our club team members and for the relationships that they are forming and deepening with dancers.

  • Pray for volunteers and the community to be mobilized to partner with JSL’s work.

Thank you:

Thank you to New Life for sponsoring this month’s outreach and for baking 30 delicious homemade pies! Also thank you for encouraging me in such a powerful way at the bag stuffing night!

Much LOVE,

Kellie | BCS CTL

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