November Dallas Update

As we get closer to our first outreach to the clubs here in Dallas, I have been given the privilege of sharing JSL with a wide variety of people, groups and organizations.

The one question I continue to get is, “How do you love these women and what does that look like?”

Since our team here in Dallas is new and I haven’t been able to give specific examples from clubs, I had begun to discredit my answer. Then, the Lord got a hold of my thoughts. Now, I know exactly how we will love these women: just as Christ loved us.

I love others because Christ first loved me. I love because I am saved, and that is the best thing I have and the most important thing I have to share. I love because I am worthy of love and those we serve are worthy to experience this love.  The team will go into the clubs and love these women just as any of us deserve to be loved, because they are beautiful women who were created in the eyes of our beholder. It is not a chore. It is serving those who need to see a glimpse of real truth.

“That love was shown by serving God and obeying His commands.” Deut. 10:12-13

Love is a gift, one that all deserve no matter who or where they are in life. God’s love for us is protective, remarkable,open, miraculous, beautiful, restoring, consuming, fulfilling, alive, real, freeing, whole, forgiving, non-judgmental, rich, needed, creative, honorable and so much more. His love for all of us is a constant, inviting and encompassing everything around. He is waiting for us to breathe in the goodness he has provided. We as a team will begin to show the women in the clubs how to begin breathing in the miraculous love offered.  So yes, we may not have all experienced serving in clubs, but our God has poured out to us what love should be and we are to step up and imitate his son Jesus Christ. Paul understood this fully; “Be imitators of me, just as I am also of Christ.” 1 Corinthians 11:1 So needless to say, we have be drinking up as much of Jesus as we can and thanking him constantly for all the blessings he has already given JSLD so that we are overflowing with love and joy when we enter the clubs, and present it in a way just like our Jesus.

Present Needs:

We are still looking to set up partnerships with churches around Dallas. It is important that we continue to grow a foundation of churches that come together to support the team here in Dallas, not only financially but volunteer based. It would be a huge blessing to have churches of all denominations, race and size to join this journey. If you or the church you attend would like to set up a meeting, please contact me personally. Other ways churches, small groups, organizations and even groups of friends can get involved is to support a monthly outreach. For our December outreach we are still in need of several pajama pants to put in our stockings.

Prayer Points:

  • That volunteers come together and serve in the area they filled called as a team

  • For church partnerships

  • Community support from businesses would begin to flourish.

  • For the 3 clubs we have decided to go into as an outreach in December. Pray these clubs have an open door and open hearts to receive new relationships.

  • Club relationships would form quickly and that club managers would trust us as we enter the clubs

  • Wisdom, support and guidance as we prepare to launch in December.

  • That the last few items of the Dec. stockings are supported.

  • For protection over the entire JSL team from spiritual warfare and that the team shines bright in the darkness.

Thank You:

I would like to thank The Heights Baptist Church for choosing to come on as a year long partner with JSLD. Their financial support is a blessing, and more importantly, the connections, support and volunteers willing to get to work already have been a blessing.

I would also like to thank Emilie Quisenberry and Jill Cummings for taking the time to come on board as our  Club Team and Love Team leaders. Their time and effort is going to be a vital role in keeping JSL on track.

This last month I have been thrilled to see God answer prayer and fill all of our teams with people ready to serve. We have 398 people in Dallas who are looking to get involved and I am overjoyed by the response. The work here in Dallas is great, but not too great for our God. He knew exactly what he was doing when he brought JSL to Dallas and I have loved hearing the stories from the volunteers of how God led them to the team. Thank you for praying specifically the last few months and I ask that you continue. God is doing a big work in Dallas.

Much LOVE,

Jodi | Dallas City Team Leader

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