October Temple/Killeen Update

This has been such an exciting month for JSL Temple/ Killeen, from building new church partnership to meeting with law enforcement to collaborating with other ministries in the city and sharing the Campus Love and the FREE HER manifesto. December and the first Temple/Killeen outreach will be here in no time!

This month, I had the honor of going on the College Station outreach. What a joy it was to see the people in that city come together to lift up the women in their city. I was so encouraged by the relationships that exist between the club team and the women in the club. Some were new, some were old, and all were rich with stories, laughter, and extreme vulnerability. I was also filled all over again to see the way that every volunteer was such an active member of the night. Over again I am blown away at how the Lord uses this ministry not just for the unchurched but for the church as well. It is so beautiful to see people from different churches and backgrounds come together to reach our women.

We need more male volunteers for our security team and one or two more women on our club team.We also need more people on our prayer team. Prayer is our foundation and our covering for everything that we do. If you are interested in serving in any way I would love to talk to you!

How can others be praying for your team?

- people in our city will have a deep burden for their neighbor and a desire for justice

- that we would see people come together from churches in every corner of city to join together to reach our women

- that we would continually give every dream and plan we have for our city back to the Lord, that it is not by any good decision we make but by his plans that we serve

I want to say thank you to Brittany Duncan for inviting me to speak at your bible studies. It is a joy to see you pour into others.

Also thank you to Go and Love ministry for allowing me to come on your outreach this month. Looking forward to the ways we can continue to collaborate and labor together in our city!

Much LOVE,

Lauren | Temple CTL

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