October San Antonio Update

Imagine a young girl standing in front of you saying, “I work because I have to feed my kids,” or, “I do this because I like to dance.”

What would your response be to her? What do you say to a woman trying to pay the rent and feed her babies?

Honestly, I never go into the club knowing what to say. Only when Holy Spirit gives me words to speak do I know what to say, understand how to bear a heavy burden, share in their grief, or encourage.

Our women endure trauma day in and day out for a wide range of emotions and reasons. Many mistakenly believe that there is an easy solution: “Just stop dancing. Do something else.”

In truth, the answer is much simpler. Hallelujah, Jesus is her answer...her ONLY answer! Jesus is the only answer to the woman who “just loves to dance”. He is the answer to the mother struggling to feed her children. He is the only answer to my own life. How do we communicate this truth, this only way?

Love! We love her, we cry with her, we help her, and most importantly we hear her. More than anything, we want her to know that Jesus sees her. The most practical way to do that is to be there for her. Listen to her. Pray for her constantly. We saw a lot fewer girls this month than we normally do, but that led to deeper, more focused conversation. The best part was seeing the two of the girls we had helped with school supplies. They excitedly found me and gave me a huge hug. One precious woman opened up a little more about her story to us and it gave us an opportunity to speak life into her situation. She has opened up before, but held back pieces she was ashamed of. This time, she let her guard down, trusted us, and cried with us. Truly beautiful moments happen every time we step into the clubs. It may not always look like we pictured, but if we step back and invite God into that room, He is always doing something amazing.

Last month’s Lipstick Outreach would not have been possible without Monica McCaskill and Chicktime Hope. Monica collected 42 lipsticks on her own. She also wrote so many amazing cards for the women. Chicktime Hope also collected 42 lipsticks and brought a group together to package all the lipsticks. Thank you to everyone who was involved. Lives were touched.

I also want to give a shout out to my club team member Julie Thomas, who is getting married this month! She has been with us from the beginning and drives all the way from Austin because her heart is so passionate about loving women in the industry! We have dancers coming from Austin, and she is able to connect with them. She is truly a blessing and we wish her many blessings in this new adventure!

We still have so many areas to get involved:

   - Go Team Leader

    -Love Team Leader

    -Bag Assembly Team

Things we are praying for this month:

   -Open Doors with Churches to share our story

    -Girls would feel the love of God everyday

    -Our December outreach is a big one and we are looking to fill 100 stockings. It is a big goal    and we need help reaching it!


Much LOVE,

Michelle | San Antonio CTL

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