October Bryan/College Station Update


“ A lot of people spend their lives blaming God. I believe that God really does have a purpose for everything. Instead of blaming God, I remember that He is with me.”

  • Dancer from this past outreach

The above quote captivated our club team during our September outreach.  As we listened to this woman tell her story, our hearts continued to break.  As someone who has endured loss, immense pain, abuse, and immeasurable grief, she has walked away with a quiet yet fierce trust in the Father. Despite all she has experienced, hope and thankfulness rises from her depths.

As I continued to reflect on what she said the weekend after outreach, I was rocked to my core. “Instead of blaming God, I remember that He is with me.” What a reminder for me and for the church.  I am thankful for this principle that we were reminded of on Friday night.  Pray for our friend who said this to us.

Thank you to everyone who made our September outreach happen.  Our friends at New Life baked incredible treats for the night and we were able to buy bath and body work sprays and lipsticks from gift cards give to us by generous supporters.

Present needs:

We always have room on our volunteer teams.  You can fill out a form at the following address and we will be in contact with you soon: http://jesussaidlove.com/volunteer/

I am also still looking to raise support for my continued role as City Team Leader and Director of Outreach.  If you would like to give, you can do so at the following address: https://www.stayclassy.org/fundraise?fcid=318730

Much LOVE,

Kellie | BCS City Team Leader

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