November Update: WACO


Perfect LOVE casts out all fear. October outreach began with a time of intensive prayer. We gathered together to seek the perfect love of God, that He might cast out all fear over the night. We prayed that the Holy Spirit would invade dressing rooms, clubs, and hearts throughout our city. We prayed that our girls might know that Jesus is not just a better way of life but He is the ONLY way to truly live. Just a few weeks ago, our friend Sarah had a dream that Jesus came to her. He opened the door to the club and His light poured in. He took her by the hand and showed her the way out. She has not returned to the clubs. We prayed that Jesus would do that for many more, that He would manifest himself before these girls and show them, not another way, but THE way.

The night before outreach, a handful of us gathered to prepare the gifts for our friends. A couple of Sunday School classes at FBC Waco and a sweet Bunco group from FBC Woodway provided all of the lipsticks that we would distribute. Each lipstick was wrapped with a ribbon with our card attached, as well as a handwritten note of encouragement from our gift -assemblers! Our gifts and notes are small way for the girls to feel loved and special. Just as God sees each girl and created them in His own image, we want them to each feel uniquely loved by us. Loving is our goal. But we don’t just desire girls to feel loved, we desire them to walk in that Love to freedom. We see Sarah experience that freedom and we continue to walk with her and her young son. Certainly it is our desire to see many more live in freedom. So we GO.

Friday night we visited all three clubs. As we say at JSL, The Kingdom smells like smoke and body spray. This month it also smelled like cheeseburgers as we delivered McDonalds McDoubles to hungry dancers, bar tenders, bouncers, club managers and owners. God uses it all, big and small to make Himself known. There isn’t anywhere that He is afraid to go. We are often "scared" of physical places or different people...but the scariest place is the darkness of our own hearts where judgement, selfishness, and unforgiveness hide.  Jesus is there, calling for freedom! Our friend Sadie is walking in a new freedom now. She knows Jesus and has for quite some time. He speaks to her, is redeeming her past and just days ago she sent a text: "it's all about Him now!" The Holy Spirit himself told Sadie to leave the club. Sadie left her life as a dancer this week and not only got another job but was offered two, giving her a choice! God is so good. Sadie loves Him deeply and He loves her passionately. What a true privilege to watch Him work in her life. Our friend Savannah’s mom began chemo for lung cancer this week. We want to be in prayer that God will use the struggle to bring her closer to Him. God is making Himself known piece by piece to our friend Donna as she seeks. We walk with her, and pray for her on the journey. He alone can save.

Our second ever dancer retreat was at the beginning of October. We gathered together at a beautiful home in Cameron Park and team and together we did yoga, painted pumpkins, and enjoyed Jimmy Johns for lunch. Then we opened the Word and discussed who we believe we are and who Jesus says we are. It’s amazing the lies we believe about ourselves and how God desires for us to identify ourselves in Him. We are loved. We are His. We are accepted. We are created in His image. We are beautiful. We are forgiven. We are known. We are wanted. He really is all we need. There is something about putting all of this on a white board, beneath a canopy of trees, that invited us to look intently at truth. Our retreats are a wonderful time to connect with girls outside of the clubs and spend extended amount of time getting to know each other. We are already looking forward to our next retreat in January. Be praying now for more and more girls to come and experience that time with the grace of the Savior.

We look expectantly to Thanksgiving and desire so much for our friends. We are giving each girl a pie to be able to take home and share with their families! God is moving, no doubt about it. Every person plays their part. Every God-given talent is put perfectly together to carry out His purpose and plan. How He works it out looks differently each time, but He always works for good.


Kylie - GO Team Leader Waco

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