November Update: BCS


We are continually blown away by the support of the community here in Bryan/ College Station.  This past month, we have had many individuals come together and commit themselves fully to our different GO, LOVE, and CONNECT teams. We have had a few additions to our House of Love, which is a group of people who are offering to use their time and talents to bless the women we work with.  We are looking for more House of Love volunteers so if you are a doctor, lawyer, social worker, counselor, businessman, etc and would like to offer your talents, please e-mail

This past month's outreach was full of long conversations with some women and club management.  We heard their stories and they heard ours.  We were able to talk freely about the character and love of Jesus and we were able to communicate about the power and transformational work of the Gospel.  What a privilege it is to be able to hear stories, share our stories, and talk about the goodness of God. 

Thank you to everyone who has helped one of our girls transition out of the industry.  We are deeply thankful for the support and generosity of multiple individuals, families, and churches, who have made transition possible for our dancers.  Please be continuing to pray for the women we are helping transition out of the industry.  If you know of any job openings or possibilities, please let us know at



City Team Leader: BCS

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