No One Left Behind

The first time I met Eliana I knew we had a connection in the soul. She was firey… like her name...daughter of the Sun. She was in love with Jesus and was well acquainted with the Rescue. Right off, when she heard of JSL she was ready to jump in with both feet. Waiting to jump was hard for her, the questions we had, the training, the boundaries...we would laugh about how one day she was going to take over the entire JSL organization. Eliana burned like hot fire. And once she went to the clubs, the women and managers were drawn straight to her with magnetic force. Unafraid to engage, unafraid of what it might cost her, Eliana loved with the same love and grace that she had been afforded.

But sometimes we get confused in the difference between love and self preservation. Sometimes we serve others because it keeps us afloat, alive, and purposeful….and certainly there is a component of the Divine community in this. But, service and justice alone are not love. Love is not self-seeking and the irony in true love, the kind that never fails, is that love, while it is not selfish, absolutely regards and values our personhood as god-like. If we are God’s image-bearers, then we regard the self as something to be treasured, valued, and cared for. Satan is a sneaky snitch and he likes to whisper that if we’re not burning both ends of the wick serving others then we’re not loving God. But this couldn’t be further from the Father’s heart. In loving God and knowing Him, we learn to value ourselves as a beautiful cracked vessel held together by grace glue and filled up with water - alive!  If we can’t receive this grace….and this is so hard….then the water leaks and what we pour out is empty air service.

Eliana’s past included childhood sexual abuse, addiction, rehabs, and work in the sex industry. And even after the Greatest Rescue…we are all still subject to the curse of Adam.  

Eliana fell hard...again and this time it landed her in another state, escorting and using drugs in motel rooms. I remember Bible studies in my living room, I remember the premarital counseling and the wedding, I remember tough conversations and relapses, I remember our life group dinners and heart prayers, I remember her love for ministry and JSL and her faithful volunteerism. This was not a woman we met in a strip club, Eliana was a woman in our church...sitting on my pew...who answered a call to servethe least of these.  

And if JSL will do whatever it takes for the women we reach, we will certainly do the same for one of our own volunteers.

In the depth of the demons and darkness, she continued to text me and finally asked for help. She sounds worse than I have ever heard her. She’s never let me really walk with her in the midst of the using and’s dark and low. We have identified and are praying for a rehabilitation home to open up to her.

I desire to go with her to make sure she gets there safely and intake is successful. The potential rehabilitation home is another state. We will drive and then my plan is to fly home.

I would ask two things:

That you pray, aloud, on your knees, in the Spirit, with the mind of Christ and heart of the Father, light a candle, sing pray, go. to. war. for Eliana.  She has so much potential in the Kingdom!  

I would also ask you to consider making a financial contribution to The Dixie Fund.  Currently, The Dixie Fund account has $5.42. Ironically, a woman to whom she once ministered, now is in Heaven, and Eliana will be the benefactor of Dixie’s life legacy.  

Click Here to donate securely online or send a donation to our PO Box 523 Waco, TX 76703. Please put Att: Dixie Fund on the envelope.

We are never too far and God’s arm is not to short to save.

We need a Hail Mary, we need a miracle,   

Emily Mills
Jesus Said Love

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