Access 2

ACCESS 2 is a self-paced program for women that are entrepreneurially minded and have completed ACCESS 1. Each woman has the opportunity to create a product and/or service, she then creates a business model, financial breakdown, and presentation for their product and/or service to pitch to the Lovely Enterprises panel for pre-approval for a micro-loan of up to $5,000.


  1. Fill out the Access 2 form.

  2. Create a business plan based on the Lean Startup.

  3. Create a financial breakdown.

  4. Present to apply for pre-approval for a micro-loan of up to $5,000.


  1. Register the business name as an LLC.

  2. Purchase a domain and an online store and/or a POS system.

  3. Create branding: logo and packaging.

    1. Hole in the Roof

    2. Lovely Enterprises

  4. Start creating products, requesting funds from the microloan as needed.