We go into strip clubs across Texas, build relationships with club employees without strings attached, and connect them to community and spiritual resources.


"The more you're around [people who need Jesus], the more you realize it's not 'them' and 'us'. We're all just us."

-Brett Mills


Our three-part method:


We visit commercial sex establishments on a consistent basis, bringing high quality gifts to employees.


We build authentic relationships with employees, no strings attached. We love them where they are.


We offer access to community and spiritual resources, awakening hope and empowering change.


Within the JSL model, we have watched women’s lives and their children’s lives improve. Our goal is empowerment, not enablement.  All of the individuals we encounter are daughters, some are sisters, aunts, and wives, and roughly 80% are mothers. Many of these women walked through abortion or had children removed from custody; some are homeless, some stay in hotels, and few own a home; many are hungry and face poor nutrition. Despite what the media may lead you to believe, the glamorization of the sex industry is not reality.

As we empower these women, we believe that we are also helping their children to have bright and hope-filled futures. In the past few years, we have: relocated a client on the run from her human trafficker, relocated a commercial sex exploit in Oklahoma fleeing abuse, advocated for several women through CPS, provided the U.S. Marshals with information on a fugitive, provided assistance to the Juvenile Detention Center of Waco, advocated for treatment and mental health care, helped provide dentures, secured pro-bono surgery, saw commercial sex exploits open their hearts to Christ, taught Bible studies, hosted successful retreats for commercial sex exploits, and assisted in the adoption of a baby boy from a commercial sex exploit to a JSL advisor’s family!

Success equals our obedience. If we GO, LOVE and CONNECT,  then we succeed. We love these individuals with no strings attached; our ministry is not based on conditions.  Yet, we see external impact and quantified “success stories” every month we go!  

"Regardless of what you think of the sex industry, the Bible is very explicit and very clear: Christ's life always gave dignity to and empowered women."

-Emily Mills, Founder