The JSL Internship Program is designed to be a learning opportunity for people who are interested in pursuing careers in various aspects of ministry, film, media, anti-sex industry/human trafficking, nonprofit management, and development. This internship will offer you more than work experience; it’s an opportunity to creatively demonstrate the LOVE of Jesus with everyone.

As an intern, you will have the opportunity to work alongside JSL staff who are are committed to helping you develop professional experience as you embrace real goals and offer insight and creativity to your position. You will gain not only experience in your specific role, but also glimpse what it takes to run current programs and develop new projects. Additionally, as an intern, you will work with a community of diverse, yet liked-minded individuals. Within this collaborative, creative team environment, we guarantee that you will be personally challenged and grow more than you thought possible in just a few short months. Please read on to find out more about our intern program.

As a JSL intern, I was challenged, accepted, and encouraged. My talents were used in real ways...not through grabbing coffee or completing mindless tasks. I was given the opportunity to creatively contribute to a vision. Interning with JSL changed the way I viewed my field: an opportunity for passionately collaborating to create change.
— Kelsey Yandura, Baylor University

Internship positions are created specific to each individual selected. We accept applications year round. 

**Please note, currently internships are only available at our Headquarters in Waco.