Gender violence (the sexual abuse of women and children) is the No. 1 factor in global poverty. If we desire to end poverty, we must also end violence against women and children. 

Gender violence is fed by our culture's view of women. We believe that ending this crisis starts by changing the way we treat and view women in everyday life. The FREE HER Movement asks you to take a good look at how you treat the women around you. The Free Her Manifesto is a list of ten ways you can help awaken hope and empower change. Neutrality on this issue is not an option...silence only fans the flame of violence against women. Men and women alike must unite to fight to end the demand for aggression against women and children. This affects what we view, what we listen to, how we speak, what we buy and how we conduct ourselves as humans, bearing the very image of God.

We believe that when people are awakened to the call to change poverty by freeing women from oppression, we will change the world we live in...modeling a whole Gospel and the redemptive work of Christ.  

We invite you to not only sign the Free Her manifesto, but to also encourage others around you to sign it as well.