Awaken Hope and Empower Change in the life of a commercial sex exploit.

Because of generous donations, the work we have been able to do has awakened hope in the lives of many commercial sex exploits and empowered change in the lives of 60 commercial sex experts (to date). Your investment matters and makes a difference.

Many moons ago, when I lived in Waco, my friend Emily involved me in a simple mission: gathering toiletries for Easter baskets to take to strip clubs. Who knew what God would do with Emily’s obedience in the years to come? As a donor, I have watched JSL grow from a simple outreach into the organization it is today. Incredible. At first, I was donating because I loved my friend and her passion for these women. However, as I’ve watched this ministry grow, my heart has grown in love and compassion for these women as well. Even though I haven’t lived in Waco in 10 years, I still support JSL every year because I truly believe it is helping to making a difference in the lives of women and children—breaking cycles and planting seeds of hope.
— Anna

Make a donation

Every amount matters and makes a difference. Your donation can provide food and gifts for monthly outreaches, help host a baby shower, assist women exiting the commercial sex industry, and more. 

Give monthly and bring stability

Monthly donors are the backbone of our ministry efforts. They bring consistent stability to our work, which has a direct impact on women in the commercial sex industry. Every amount matters.

It’s easy to sign up and all donations are tax‑deductible.

Other Ways to Give

The Dixie Fund

The Dixie Fund helps commercial sex exploits who are transitioning out of the industry. CSE's can apply and, once approved, are encouraged (but not required) to "pay it forward" by paying back to The Dixie Fund in order to help others who come after them. So far, we a 100% re-payment rate. 

Sponsor an Outreach

Every month, we visit strip clubs across Texas bringing high quality food and gifts. The club outreach is where everything begins. Sponsoring an outreach involves providing gifts for the commercial sex exploits we will encounter in your city that month.


Give by Check

If you would rather donate by sending a check, please send your gift to: 

Jesus Said Love

PO Box 523

Waco, TX 76703


Jesus Said Love is a division of Bartimaeus Ministries, Inc. a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  All donations are fully tax deductible. Bartimaeus Ministries, Inc is a member of the National Fellowship of Ministries for greater financial accountability.