October Dallas Update

September has been a month filled with meetings and answered prayers.

We have had the opportunity to meet several new churches in the Dallas metroplex and present JSL to the mission teams. In the meetings with churches, we have been able to discuss ways they are willing to partner with JSL, and we have made numerous connections to other organizations, ministries and churches that will walk alongside us as we launch JSL Dallas.

The Lord has definitely been in the midst of all these meetings, and I am excited to see many more churches come together to serve. It has been a beautiful picture of how the Lord is weaving together people from all over Dallas to do His work.

Through several recent meetings, it has become evident to me that a lack of communication and collaboration has previously hindered ministries to the sex industry. This month, exciting things have begun to happen. The Dallas team will be at 4 conferences and charity events the next two months, all of which are new partnerships and connections. We have met with several ministries that